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The Coming Revolution – the Next 4th of July

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There is a revolution coming that is engulfing the world. Governments are broke and are taking drastic measures to stay in business. Not all revolutions are bloody. There have been revolutions such as that in Russia when the army stood down and would not fire upon the people. Even in Saudi Arabia, there is talk of revolution and civil war as a rift within the Royal family has been unfolding and the army is by no means united behind one faction.

Whether a revolution comes with the blood that feeds the Tree of Liberty as Thomas Jefferson put it, really is determined by the army. The European Union is desperately trying to create an army which is power. The question would eventually emerge, will the EU send its army against a member state because it seeks to leave? The golden rule of political-revolutions can be stated simply by the victor:

We have defeated the enemy of the people;

We Occupy their Hill of Power;

We have become the enemy of the people once again.


We reached the peak in government 2015.75. Ever since that fateful turning point, the press has become so corrupt, the politics has collapsed, traditional parties are declining and the rise in discontent is global. Between here and 2032.95, the world around us is changing. It will be out with the old, and in with the new. The driving force is always economics.