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The Collapse of the Rule of Law

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Smither Jack Prosecutor


COMMENT: Well, you were right that Jack Smith did not have the authority to prosecute Trump. You have a very diverse background in markets and law.

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REPLY: Jack Smith was never formally appointed by the president and had to be confirmed by the US Senate. He not only lacks Constitutional authority to prosecute Trump, but he has pulled off a serious constitutional question that the Sixth Amendment was all about.

Yes, Ed Meese, who was attorney general under President Ronald Reagan, filed an amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief before the DC Circuit Court of Appeals last month where he pointed out that Smith’s appointment was unconstitutional. Thus, this prosecution of Trump is therefore illegal – null and void.

Meese wrote in his brief that Smith was  “not properly clothed in the authority of the federal government, [and] Smith is a modern example of the naked emperor.

Sixth Amendment

Smith has violated the intent of the Constitution for the Sixth Amendment was to secure your right to counsel and to be put on trial in the “district wherein the crime shall have been committed” because the King would charge you in England for a crime in the colonies where he KNEW an English jury would always rule in favor of the King but a trial in the colonies would rule against the king. Smith charged Trump in Washington DC, where he had a 95%+ Democratic bias for a crime in Florida. He had to charge him in Florida for a trial to pretend he was complying with the Sixth Amendment but cleverly indicted him in Washington when that is not where the crime took place.

Then you have the whole dubious prosecution in Georgia where the District Attorney appointed her lover as the prosecutor of Trump, who was a private lawyer and not a government employee. Then, in New York City, arguing that Trump overvalued assets on bank loans that were paid off as if that was defrauding a bank that has their own appraisers. Virtually every borrower in New York City could be charged under that theory.

All of these prosecutions are seriously disturbing and are stretching the law to the point that there is no rule of law. This shows how desperate the LEFT is to seize control of this country at all costs. If the Constitution no longer matters, the historical response is always a violent revolution. There does not seem to be anyone willing to defend the actual law. Defeat Trump at the polls – not by illegal and questionable prosecutions.