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The Collapse in Confidence

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Confidence in Government

QUESTION: Dear Martin – you often speak of CONFIDENCE in the government and there are many arrays you share that indicate confidence or lack thereof (Interest rates, Gold, Bonds, Indexes, Forex and others). All of these are open to interpretation by Socrates subscribers, and of course your respective, priceless commentary you share with us. What I’ve always wondered is if there is a Socrates array specifically called ‘Confidence in the Government’? That would indeed be the array of arrays!
Kind regards.

ECM 2011 2020 Detailed

REPLY: That is an idea. I warned that the peak 2015.75 of the previous wave was the PEAK IN GOVERNMENT. Ever since then, the confidence in government has been declining. We had Hillary calling everyone who voted for Trump a deplorable. Merkel opened the gates to allow the “refugees” from Syria to flood in, and they came from everywhere, which undermined the stability of the governments in Europe and prompted the vote on BREXIT. BY 2016, we learned about Hillary’s emails and the private server she set up to sell influence so that it would not be subject to the Freedom of Information Act discovery. Then she launched the fake dossier claiming Trump was a puppet of Putin, beginning the whole Russian Conspiracy scandal. Within a year, the US banned Russia Today (RT), claiming it was a foreign agent thanks to Hillary.

We monitor sentiment, and there is no question about it. Ever since COVID-19, trust in the institutions of Democracy has been visibly declining. In the past five years, the European Union’s official research bureau found that less than 30% of Europeans had faith in their national parliaments and governments. This has produced the lowest figures in years and indicates what we face heading into 2032. This means that 70% of the people distrust Brussels and their own governments. Typically, the danger of civil unrest and even revolution emerges when this falls below 30%.

When we look objectively around the world, in the West, political parties are the least trusted compared to Russia or China. Traditionally, the cornerstone of a free society is the fundamental right to remain a skeptic of government and those in power. When that is stifled, society is no longer considered to be a free society.

Revolution unfolds as people’s interest in politics grows because of events while trust in politics continues to decline. This is reflecting the very stability of a nation is being undermined by the sheer attempt to manipulate society and impose dictates from a central authority, which is precisely the same tactic under Communism that caused its collapse.