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The Collapse in Confidence of US Government is Here

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Confidence in Government

Despite the cheering from the Washington Post, CNN, NY Times, the rest of the anti-Democracy press, and all the Democrats who were brainwashed into thinking Trump really won only because of Putin in the Hillary version of conspiracy theory (misinformation), what they have unleashed is the international collapse in confidence of the United States. Ever since Trump’s arrest, my phone has been in meltdown mode. People who were even on the fence about my case suddenly called and said gee, they use the criminal law for political purposes in the United States. Once upon a time, they trusted the United States. It seems that Trump’s arrest is now a sea-change in realization.

Snowden Bus


People are starting to wake up. The list of people they go after criminally who are whistleblowers in some capacity like Snowden and Julian Assange is just the tip of the iceberg. Criminally charging Trump was crossing the Rubicon. Then the Democrats stated that Biden will not debate anyone – Democrat or Republican. That is in itself a confirmation that he is not competent to be president. Yet he is the perfect patsy for the Neocons to run the show. When Lindsey Graham holds up a sheet and quotes Biden as authority for him and his fellow Neocons to declare war on Russia, it confirms what I have been saying. The United States is no longer a free nation. We are living in a coup, but the press is silent as was the press in every such incident from Communist Russia to Venezuela when the state turns against its people.

Biden Wins

So, the Democrats who do not care about the Constitution or our future as a nation can cheer that this is your time to utterly destroy the other 50% of Americans who you despise so deeply. You will win the 2024 election if Biden can make it that far, and every investigation into him and Hunter will be blocked by the Department of Justice, FBI, and the NSA because this is now about the power resting in the hands of the Neocons who just want war. So pack your toothbrush, you will get to fight Russians in Ukraine and put your political dreams on the line.

These leftist zealots are cheering the end times like the Romans who they said were still laughing when the barbarians stormed the gates. For EVERY phone call I have had from Asia to Europe, they are all expressing complete shock that the United States is collapsing in the midst of political corruption. Suddenly, our forecast that the 2024 election might not even take place or certainly will not be real is starting to hit home. They are now all seeing that our forecast about the 2024 Presidential Election would be the most corrupt in history and mark the END of democracy in the United States is not so far-fetched.

NY Statue Liberty Burried Planet Apes

These leftist people just do not get it. They crossed the Rubicon and now the view of the United States from the outside looking in, nobody seems to believe that America is still the beacon of liberty to the world. It is becoming so obvious that our computer will be right once again.

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This year 2023 was a MAJOR turning point and an important Directional Change.  You can see that 2025 is the biggest target for a decade. Announcing that Biden will not debate anyone is on par. I am warning you that the Neocons need to create war with Russia BEFORE the November 2024 election for in their mind, no president has ever lost an election during war. It will also allow them to create the excuse to suspend the election during a national crisis.


Desantis – PLEASE stay here in Florida. They will never let anyone win that office anyway. The Neocons are in charge. Stalin was correct. It does not matter who you vote for. Those who count the votes decide the election. Anyone who thinks the CIA cannot rig the election is an absolute fool.