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The Close Mind of Those in Power

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Let’s make one thing clear. Russia is NOT flying jets over Ukraine – it sends in missiles and drones. Why is Biden sending the Jets to Ukraine? Zelensky swears they will not be used to invade Russia. However, they will be used to attack Crimea where the people there are Russian and have always been. They are not Ukrainian and this is a territorial grab for the sole purpose of starting World War III. I have actually heard that Russia must be destroyed because they are an orthodox Christian nation that opposes LGBTQ.

BudLight is the classic example of WOKE Management. I stopped in a restaurant and at the bar, a guy said to the woman next to him – you better not order a Bud. She said “Hell no!” And people started clapping.

It is one thing if this LGBTQ is about ending discrimination. What seems to be happening is people are starting to find this offensive and the net result is it is increasing discrimination – not eliminating it. The whole thing – don’t ask don’t tell was reasonable.  It is just as offensive if someone is trying to convert you to their religion regardless of what it might be. Everyone is entitled to their own space and beliefs. When you start to force them upon others, all that will emerge is confrontation.

To actually hear that Russia must be conquered because it reject LGBTQ, is now asking for World War III over this issue?

Nuclear War

The  Biden Administration is perfectly fine if Ukraine uses the F16s to attack Crimea, which is exactly what they intend to do. Russia has already made it clear that an attack on Crimea is an attack on Russia. This is precisely what the American Neocons are hoping for so they can claim that Russia is the aggressor – not them. They want Russia to attack the USA or NATO and then they will launch nuclear war against Russia.