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Combined 2019 House Senate

QUESTION: Socrates forecast that the Democrats were declining in the combined house and senate. That seems to be correct given the sharp losses in the house for the democrats. The presidential election seems to have turned on just four cities, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta. Even assuming the vote was real, it looks like your trend of urban flight to suburb took place in the election. Any comment?


ANSWER: The fact that the Republicans gained in the House indeed shows the trend is still in motion that the Democrats are in decline. Each election, despite winning, they have been declining since the Great Depression. This is why they really needed this one, but still, it was not a landslide. It appears that Biden has adopted Klaus Schwab by putting John Kerry in as climate czar. That should help to push the economy down further into 2022. It is the 2022 election I have been concerned about, for it is showing panic cycles. Then we have the economic decline from all of these lockdowns. You have AOC trying to push Biden to their agenda. She will become a critic of Biden, which will help to divide the Democrats and what appears to be a big loss for them in 2022, assuming we still have elections.

US Presidential Electorial College 1789 2016 Votes


The electoral college vote really is out of line cyclically, which only further shows that this election was indeed rigged. But this is part of the Deep State and make no mistake about it, there were Republicans who wanted Trump out for fear he would drain the swamp aggressively during a second term.

The interesting trend is that indeed Trump won overwhelmingly in the suburbs and then you have the insane Democratic states that are now becoming racist against whites. Oregon is denying federal funds to help small businesses if they are own by whites, claiming the federal relief is only for blacks. And Biden says he will represent everyone?

Biden has also turned his back on Hillary. This is only going to fuel violence and then you have the Democrats insisting the Trump be criminally prosecuted to prevent him from running against in 2024. Harris has publicly stated the Democrats have no choice but to criminally prosecute Trump. They want to imprison him for decades. This is really the scorched earth policy and will only serve to erupt in violence. There will be an uprising with that one alone. This is because they know they rigged the presidential election and lost seats in the House, which was the real trend.