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The 2024 Election – Will Your Vote Even Matter?

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Civil Unrest 2023

The computer has been forecasting these events decades in advance. As we approach them, what seemed outlandish years ago seems likely today. The civil unrest is dividing not just the United States but we see it in Canada and throughout Europe. This is NOT simply due to Trump. What is unfolding is the discontent with governments in general. In Europe,  the European Union is set to approve a major plan for climate change when the trend is not hotter but colder. They could care less what the farmers think; as far as the government is concerned, how dare they try to tell us what to do. They have created a crisis thanks to all the migrants that have poured into Europe as is unfolding in the United States. The last time I was in Paris, you are harrassed for money by non-Europeans who will follow you until they get something. On virtually every corner, an Arab woman was begging.

Haley Trojan Horse

The scuttlebutt running around the LEFTIST stronghold, Washington, DC, which should be renamed Marxville, is that the Deep State will refuse to follow orders from Trump, and that includes the Intelligence Community and FBI. Even Nikki Haley, the Neocon’s Trojan Horse, was asked if Trump would follow the US Constitution if he is elected for a second term as president. She responded: “I don’t know.

Washington, or Marxville, is taking us head first into war. They need it because the economic system is collapsing, and they need a diversion so they never have to admit what they have been doing with socialism is wrong. They do not know how to run for office without bribing people, so they thought they could run a deficit endlessly and never intend to pay off the debt – EVER! That only works when there are people buying government debt. With war on the horizon, you must be a fool to buy ANY long-term debt – especially when they will never pay it off.

Constitutional Crisis

Here comes the Constitutional Crisis. A Democratic victory in taking the House of Representatives and the Senate would then place them in the same position that they claimed Trump violated the 14th Amendment by staging an insurrection to prevent Congress from validating the vote. The Democrats are maintaining, regardless of what the Supreme Court has said, that Trump is ineligible, and there is rumbling that they will defy the will of voters and REFUSE to name him as President. A victory in a House special election in New York last week demonstrated that Democrats have a serious chance of winning a majority in Congress in November. They will defy the Constitution themselves and throw the nation into utter chaos. Some argue that even if Trump recaptures the presidency on the same day, the Democrats would then do precisely what they say Trump attempted to do on January 6th and prevent him from taking office.

The majority of the Supreme Court announced in this Colorado decision that a disqualification for insurrection can occur only when Congress enacts a particular kind of legislation according to Section 5 of the Fourteenth Amendment. In doing so, the majority shuts the door on other potential means of federal enforcement. I believe they wisely did so for a valid reason. The Court perhaps anticipated this would not be the end of the quest to prevent Trump from becoming president.

The concurring decision that included a dissent was that Section 5 was self-executing and did not require Congress to enact legislation. The majority, I believe, have anticipated what the rumors are in Washington or Marxville. That the Democrats will simply refuse to acknowledge a Trump victory and argue that Trump is an insurrectionist, Congress alone can disqualify him so they will stage their own insurrection to deny Trump the election.


1798 Congressional Brawl

From virtually the beginning of the nation, there have been brawls in Congress. The first one to be widely noted was that of February 15, 1798, when Roger Griswold, a US House Representative from Connecticut, attacked Matthew Lyon and began to beat him with a stick. Griswold, a Federalist, walked up to Lyon’s desk, hitting him on the head and shoulders with his hickory walking stick. Lyon, who was a Republican from Vermont advocating State’s Rights, responded by grabbing a pair of fireplace tongs and defending himself, beating Griswold in return.

They then began to just punch each other in a fistfight until they were pulled apart. That is how heated the arguments would get between the Federalists, who demanded a central government with power over states, and the Republicans, who argued for State Rights. We are still plagued with this same issue as the Biden Administration has used executive orders to circumvent Congress and turned the Department of Justice into a weapon against Trump. This will ultimately lead to the collapse of the United States, just as centralized control led to the collapse of Communism.

1856 Sumner Beating

1856 Sumner Affair Brawl in CobgressAfter State’s Rights confrontation with the Federalists, then came Slavery as the next major dividing issue. In a speech in May 1856, Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner spent five hours on the floor denouncing the Kansas-Nebraska Act. He said the compromise bill leaving slavery in those territories to be decided by local popular vote was outrageous. He called out Illinois Senator Stephen Douglas, who was the chief architect of the act, a “noise-some, squat, and nameless animal.” He went on to describe Andrew Butler of South Carolina, who pushed the compromise, as “the harlot, Slavery,” that he “discharged the loose expectoration of his speech” at the very thought of embracing her. That was a personal dig, for Butler was known to lisp and drool.

1858 Congressional BrawlTwo days later, on May 22nd, 1856, Sumner was sitting at his desk preparing copies of the speech he intended to distribute nationwide. A cousin of Butler’s, Preston Brooks, also a member from South Carolina,  entered the Senate floor. Brooks approached Senator Sumner and told him that he had read his words with “as much impartiality as was possible” and then began to beat him over the head with his walking stick. Sumner collapsed in a pool of blood and, in the days that followed, nearly died. The news of the confrontation can be found in countless newspapers nationwide.

Then, on February 6th, 1858, perhaps the most infamous floor brawl in the history of the U.S. House of Representatives erupted again over the Kansas Territory’s pro-slavery. The debate continued late into the night of February 5-6. Then, just before 2 a.m., Pennsylvania Republican Galusha Grow and South Carolina Democrat Laurence Keitt exchanged insults, followed by physical blows.

“In an instant the House was in the greatest possible confusion,” was being reported by the press. Suddenly, over 30 Members jumped into the brawl, turning it into a Western-style bar fight or melee.

Northern Republicans and Free Soilers banded together to attack the Southern Democrats. Then, Speaker James Orr became a leading national politician. Few of his fellow South Carolinians were still on speaking terms with northern Democrats, and Orr’s ability to strike deals nationally made him an ideal compromise candidate for Speaker. By the autumn, however, Orr followed South Carolina’s race toward disunion and did not stand for re-election to Congress, which led to the American Civil War.

Speaker James Orr had gaveled furiously for order during the braw and then instructed Sergeant-at-Arms Adam J. Glossbrenner to arrest non-compliant Members. Wading into the “combatants,” Glossbrenner held the House Mace high to restore order. Wisconsin Republicans John “Bowie Knife” Potter and Cadwallader Washburn ripped the hairpiece from the head of William Barksdale, a Democrat from Mississippi.

The melee dissolved into a chorus of laughs and jeers after the toupee was ripped off of Barksdale, but the issue’s core symbolized the nation’s deep divisions. When the House reconvened two days later, a coalition of Northern Republicans and Free Soilers narrowly blocked the referral of the Lecompton Constitution to the House Territories Committee. Kansas entered the Union in 1861 as a free state.


Lincoln Elected

Like Trump, ten states kept Abraham Lincoln off the ballot during the 1860 election. That was 19 waves of 8.6 years ago. The 224-year cycle of political change from the first brawl in Congress in 1798 brought us to 2022 when all of this started to try to keep Trump off the ballot. The results of the 1860 election, in which Lincoln still won, even though he kept Lincoln off the ballot, led to the only solution – the Civil War.


Most Democrats in Marxville are worried that if Trump regains the Oval Office, all bets are off. They have done everything to this man who even twice survived impeachment in his first term. All the criminal charges they have brought against him and the desperate attempt to steal the 2024 with illegal aliens are just over the top. The VERY FIRST executive order Biden signed within hours of taking office was to throw the borders open. These Democrats are destroying the country, and I am not speaking as a Trump supporter. They are engaging in outright treason. The Attorney General, with a straight face, tells Congress there should be no ID to vote. You cannot travel without an ID, but as long as you are just here, you can vote. I suggest all of Europe should send in mail-in ballots as well – why not?

More than half of U.S. states have laws that allow the police to demand someone identify themselves if the police suspect the person of anything.  The specifics of the statutes vary by state. For example, Indiana requires that the person provide their date of birth and their name and address. Some states have criminal penalties for anyone who refuses to comply with their ID laws. Yet here we have the Democrats insisting you do not need ID to vote. Usually, you are not legally required to carry an ID card when you are walking on the street, unless you are driving, traveling or voting! However, if you do not have ID, you must verbally identify yourself to the police, and you will be arrested for lying or refusing to identify yourself to the police in many states.

Nevertheless, this is part of the preparation to rig the election, and they are DESPERATE to ensure that the Democrats take Capital Hill to be in a position to REFUSE to certify that Trump wins any election. They will unleash the FBI and throw thousands in prison if they dare to protest for Trump, just as they have done with anyone who was there on January 6th. This is a return of the conflict between the Federalists looking to dictate to everyone over those who support State’s Rights and the freedom of individuality.

Trump Dictator Kagan Nuland Washington Post

We don’t have to speculate wildly about what the Democrats have in store. Victoria Nuland’s husband, Robert Kagan, has been pushing the brain washing machine calling Trump will be a DICATOR as the he published in the Washington Post. Put plainly, they do not care who wins the election; it is their way or no way. They are the real DICTATORS and they have decreed that all Russians are evil because Victoria Nuland is of Ukrainian heritage. So we burn the entire world for her personal hatred.

Vote Does it Count 2

Nikki Haley is hanging in praying Trump is assassinated somehow some way or the Democrats will refuse to certify Trump and she hopes that since a Republican won, they will hand the presidency to her. Trump has already said he would conduct mass deportations of all the illegal aliens Biden has let in. The question becomes, will we find the law enforcement and military split itself with general against general as was the case with the fall of Rome?

Caesar Crosses Rubicon Will History Repeat

I have studied many forms of government. I have found that Republics have always crumbled to dust because they are the most corrupt form of government one can create. Even a Dictatorship or Monarchy is never so corrupt, for they are not suspectable to bribery as Republics. The criticism of Democracy has come from the Greek philosophers who saw the people as too stupid to make decisions. Our representatives look down upon us the same way. I am finishing up a book that I believe is vital to understand because of all the ancient fake news about Julius Caesar (100-44BC) and why he really crossed the Rubicon because the corruption of the Senate was so pervasive, there was no fixing it.

Social War Oath Taking AR Denarius

The Roman Republic may have been long-lasting from 509 to 27 BC.  However, it went through many upheavals, including the Great Social War. Here is a silver denarius of the rebels. The revolt of Rome’s Italian allies (socii, hence ‘Social War’) broke out toward the close of 91 BC. It was the culmination of longstanding grievances occasioned by the Senate’s prejudiced handling of foreign relations. The Marsi were especially prominent in this movement, hence the name ‘Marsic Confederation,’ often applied to the rebel state. The Italian allies had to supply men for the Roman army but did not share in the booty won in conquest. Here, we see a denarius with the image of Italia on the obverse and an oath-taking scene against Rome on the reverse.

Social War 90BC Syd 641 Bull goring Shewolf

Rome SheWolfThe rebellion assumed alarming proportions when rebel armies defeated both consuls in 90 BC in charge of the armies to defend Rome. This denarius shows a bull goring the Roman she-wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus. Rome appeared to be in grave danger of defeat, but the movement collapsed as suddenly as it had begun. The victory was mainly achieved through the political concession of granting Roman citizenship to the enemy. After that, all of Italy south of the Po River was united by this common bond. The coinage of the Marsic Confederation ended but remains of great historical interest, consisting principally of silver denarii, some of which bear the names of the rebel generals.

The Roman Republic took on a system of separation of powers. Like our own Constitutional Crisis, the corruption between these branches also failed to protect the Roman Republic. The ultimate cause of the Roman Republic’s fall was the immense internal corruption.  The Elections of 53 BC effectively degenerated into a bidding war between the various factions. Under the pretense of helping candidates with their expenses, the bottom line was simple bribery.

Pompey Magus AR Denarius

We know from various contemporary authors of the time that the bribery was so intense that interest rates jumped from 4% to 8% during those elections. This bidding war was so severe that the Senate of Rome was forced to act. Pompey the Great (106-48BC) professed to be shocked at the entire affair, which was highly unlikely given his role in the dealings. The Senate was forced to announce prosecutions against all concerned, and the offices of the Consul were given to other parties following a confession by one candidate, Memmius. Political contribution scandals still occur today as they did thousands of years ago.

Cicero 5

Cicero (104-43BC), the father of ancient fake news, knew the Republic was collapsing without Caesar. He proposed constitutional reforms to prevent its demise, but because he was in the midst of it, his proposals would not have saved the day. Cicero’s reforms were unnecessary because the Roman Senate had the constitutional authority to prevent its demise. The problem was that Senators lacked the incentive to use their constitutional authority to save Rome because they were too wrapped up in its corruption, just as we are witnessing today.

Many wanted to believe that the Roman Republic was a democracy. Yet, this democracy was a total facade, for it was always under aristocratic rule – not the common people. We too live in a facade where they tell us who is the enemy and we are expected to fight and die for their pleasure – We who are about to diw, solute you. We have no right to vote should we go to war against Russia or China. Rome was the same way. The people had no real rights in this regard.

Interestingly, Cicero’s second modification was the creation of “judicial review.” If constitutional rights and rules are to supersede ordinary legislation, someone must determine which rights and regulations are constitutional and others unconstitutional. Cicero suggested that the Censors be given this additional power. Their primary function was to conduct the Roman censuses. They were to be given the power to expel Senators who violated laws. Here, we have the same rejection of the Democrats of what the Supreme Court would hold. They, too, intend to circumvent whatever the court says in violation of the separation of power.

Soros Calls for Assassination of Trump

Assuming they do not take up Alexander Soros’ bold implication to assassinate Trump so he can flood the United States with his Open Society that disregards culture, religion, and ethics, the computer is forecasting a tumultuous post-2024 election in 2025. History repeats, for human nature never changes. Soros is destroying the United States because of a theory. What we will see post-2024 is the destruction of the United States as we know it.

Lincoln House Divided

While the last Civil War was over slavery, this one will be over Marxism and State’s Rights once again. Civilization CANNOT STAND when one side attempts by FORCE to impose their way of life upon everyone else. This is where Lincoln was correct – “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” I find it curious that we have a movie coming out in April, precisely about the USA going into a Civil War. It seems to be right on schedule.