The 2020 Election Fraud Continues

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Everyone should be concerned about election fraud. In Georgia, 950 military ballots went 100% for Biden and came back in sequential order which is simply impossible. In addition, there appear to be as many as 30,000 fake ballots that were counted in 2020. In total, 97% of all of these ballots went to Democrats. While it is unlikely that this will ever overturn Biden as President, it does raise the possibility that Georgia could de-certify the 2020 election which could change things more than just the President.

What is at stake here is that we all should demand a full investigation for otherwise, the Republicans can play the same gain in 2022. This means there will never again be any confidence in any election process ever again.

We have to stop this nonsense that there is no evidence of fraud and Trump was just a sore loser. In EVERY election there is fraud. What is the point of an election if it can be highjacked by clever politicians?