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Thank You Truckers

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COMMENT: Dear Mr. Armstrong,
We want to thank you and the truckers for bringing awareness of what we are up against. We watched the emotionally explosive truck convoy in Canada, as it was unfolding, last weekend. We were so moved by it, that we created this sign, the next morning. We live on the east coast of South Florida and on the first day of driving around, we only got a couple thumbs up and as the week progressed, we have triggered more and more responses. But, one thing is for certain with each and EVERY response an incredibly indescribable emotion is shared. We now know we aren’t alone and it’s bigger than we imagined.

I don’t know who is happier the recipients of our sign or my wife and I, One lady pulled next to us at a stop light , rolled her window down and said, I just got a text with a picture of your sign and here you are…. another man rolled his window down and gave us the thumbs up with tears in his eyes. Another asked, where can we get a sign like that…..See the feelings we are receiving are just indescribable….maybe it’s just knowing we are no longer alone.

Thank you,

NY Hochul_ready to left mask_or_vax_mandate

REPLY: We are winning. Socrates was right again. This was a 3-year reaction and as I warned, this Schwab organized attack upon our way of life with his Great Reset would FAIL. Gov. Kathy Hochul appeared to drop her “mask-or-vax” stance this month. Even the CDC has admitted that masks do not work.

We have major elections in April/May and October/November this year. It is time to throw out ALL politicians who supported this Schwab agenda regardless of their party. Backing down now because it has destroyed so many jobs and set in motion this inflation thanks to lockdowns, should not save their career. They all MUST go to send a message to anyone in cahoots with Klaus Schwab.