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Sidney Powell Shoots Herself in the Head – not the Foot

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Sydney Powell


QUESTION: What do you think about Sidney Powell saying no reasonable person would believe what she says.


ANSWER: I understand the legal argument that there is no harm because she was not believed. If they suffered no harm there is no claim for damages. I have never seen proof that the software of Dominion was rigged as she said. The fact that they sued her in the first place opened the door for her to go after their programs to prove what she said was true. The fact that she immediately allowed her lawyer to put up the argument that nobody would believe her I think was a disastrous move for whatever her credibility might have been, I believe she shot herself in the head with that one. Perhaps that is why Trump did not have her as his lawyer. She did this on her own. If the suit is not dismissed, then she has the right to subpoena their code. Then the story could flip.

The problem with the election and where any fraud took place was with the mail-in ballots. I have looked at the results from machines but there is no way to prove that the machines were rigged without access to the programs. Absent that information, I could not agree with anyone that Dominion was the source. Biden won Georgis by 12,000 votes. That was entirely confined to the mail-in ballots. Even the arguments that Trump made about the spikes in the votes in the morning did not involve the Dominion machines.

Even the new voter laws pushed out by the Democrats institutionalize the mail-in ballots and same-day registration which is absurd meaning you cannot verify who the people are on a same-day basis.

I have emphasized from the beginning that this was never a Trump v Biden election. The agenda comes from the World Economic Forum and they were the ones pitching the slogan “Build Back Better” in 2019 BEFORE COVID-19 appeared at the end of 2019.

Those who want to constantly throw darts at Trump that is fine. This has NEVER been an election about personalities. Anyone who simply voted for Biden because they hated Trump is a real fool. If you do not vote on the issues, you are the very problem that we have and why nations fall. Republics are the most DANGEROUS form of government. They can lie to your face, smile, you elect them, and then they do EXACTLY the opposite of what they promised.

Nigel Farage 2019 WEC 1024x768

To me this was never about supporting Trump – it was about opposing Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. When Nigel Farage flew into our Rome World Economic Conference, he said he had to because we were the “alternative to Davos” and have been doing so since we began the WEC in 1985 and Schwab began his in 1987.

As one reader just wrote in:

Can Socrates take into account changes in U.S. tax law? For instance, the CARES act changed the way IRAs are taxed when passed to your descendants (you can no longer stretch them out over the child’s lifetime) and the Democrats are ready to introduce higher income and estate taxes and possibly changes to the step-up basis. Its hard to keep track really. Doesn’t this imply future forced tax selling of stocks and bonds and even real estate?
Thanks, Rob”

Biden never ran on any of those issues. If you voted for Biden, is this what you voted for? Socrates is already projecting the decline and fall of the United States. If you recall the S&L Crisis of the 1980s and 1990s was also created by the Democrats. They took control of Congress and changed the tax code on real estate investment. In doing so, they created a one-way market where everyone wanted to sell. Meanwhile, they had regulated the S&Ls so they were supposed to lend on real estate. The bulk of their portfolios collapsed and then the Democrats blamed the S&Ls. I advised one person who bought an S&L at a distressed price in the crisis AGAINST my advice. They changed the criteria again and now he was forced into bankruptcy. You could not buy anything because the politicians kept changing the rules. It would be like investing in stocks and they pass a law that says you must pay a 5% wealth tax annually on all stock investments. If you want to watch a crash, nobody will want to buy stocks and you will see a drop of problem 90% like the Great Depression.

Another reader from Poland sent in:

“Dear Marty. It seems Poland may be an early adopter of the “You will own nothing and be happy” doctrine.
On Friday, parliament is expected to vote on legislation (quietly hidden in the small print of agenda but thankfully unearthed) that aims to phase out currency within 7 years and introduce a cashless accounting system that allows for a negative balance, to be repaid on death, by the state taking ownership of your assets, unless your family can afford to pay the balance/death tax to recover it.
Interesting times ahead. Thank you as always for your insights and news briefs.
Kindest regards:”


What I have stood for has been freedom and the end of corruption. The problem with those who voted for Biden is they will get what they deserve. The problem for the rest of us, they are out to end society as we know it. They are against handing your children anything. They believe everyone should start at ZERO – except them of course.

China on the Rise

So in my view, Powell has lost credibility regardless if that was only a simple legal argument which made sense if they claim she was wrong and nobody believed her, then where is the damage? I do not believe you can drag in Dominion without evidence that the software was actually rigged. As for those who voted for Biden, take pride in the fact that you put the next nail in the coffin of the United States. You better start learning Mandarin. You just ensured our forecast that China will replace the USA as the Financial Capital of the World will indeed be correct.