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Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is Destroying the United States

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Smither Jack Prosecutor

Burning Down the BarnI have previously warned that this hatred of Donald Trump is absolutely destroying our nation. Special counsel Jack Smith disclosed in court filings that he retrieved data from former President Donald Trump‘s smartphone and intends to use it in the trial. This is just astonishing. Smith has revealed that he extracted data from Trump‘s smartphone, showing he has no regard for the established precedent of Presidential Immunity in such aspects. This has crossed the Rubicon. Smith has obliterated executive privilege, establishing a precedent that will have an unimaginable chilling effect on future administrations.

Nobody will be willing to provide any candid advice to the President from here on out. Whatever they recommend will now be open to the world, jeopardizing national security. I find it unbelievable that this guy goes after Trump for having classified documents and has reviewed them himself when the whole argument is that unauthorized people could have gotten a hold of them. This sets a very highly destructive precedent for the presidency. This means all private communications between Biden and all his family members can be seized and made public.

Burning Down the Barn 1This seriously undermines the president’s ability to get his constitutionally protected, confidential, and candid advice from his advisers that threatens National Security. Smith has trashed the very idea of presidential immunity all for allegedly interfering in the 2020 election and inciting the Capitol riot. Smith is destroying the very foundation of the United States, all for his personal vengeance to prevent Trump from ever becoming president. This is the same guy who wanted a gag order on Trump so that he could not “criticize” Biden when he was running against him.

Smith will be remembered by history as the man who ended any form of Constitutional government. He is burning down the barn to get Trump, as President Herbert Hoover wrote in his memoirs:

Hoover Barn Rat