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Soros Targets Media in Maine

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Alex Soros confirmed that he will be focusing his attention on having Joe Biden re-installed as president. The Soros family and the Open Society Foundation are no strangers to using the media to their advantage. “Whoever controls the media controls the mind,” as they say. Now Swiss billionaire Hansjörg Wyss and the Open Society Foundation are pouring money into a dozen newspapers in Maine to ensure the facts are reported from the opinion of the far-left.

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The two billionaires funded the National Trust for Local News, which is now the state’s largest newspaper publisher. Wyss also funds States Newsroom, which is beginning to expand to Maine. He has already spent half a billion on far-left political groups and is meddling in the election under the guise of philanthropy. Why does an 88-year-old Swiss man need to spend that much on US politics?

The Open Society Foundation has spent $52 million on media manipulation since 2003, according to a report from Media Research Center. Biden won Maine in 2020, allegedly, but the state narrowly swung blue in 2016. Alex Soros supported the Biden-Harris agenda and will back them in the lead-up to the election. Soros admitted his fear — a “MAGA-style Republican victory” would “undermine” the Great Reset. The Soros family backed every far-left violent “advocacy” group during Trump’s presidency, as I suspect they took Hillary’s loss personally. Expect to see altered headlines that skew left more than usual.