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Soros – Taking Down America

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Bragg Alvin Manhattan DA

Alvan Bragg in his vendetta against Donald Trump is clearly not just abusing his power, but he is attempting to interfere in the presidential election of 2024 by harassing Trump and trying to make him so toxic that nobody will donate to him. While I personally thought that Trump had fallen too far to be a viable candidate, at this point, this has all had the opposite effect.  We have to come to the realization that Washington DC is so toxic itself, on both sides, that perhaps we need Donald Trump to actually kick ass. Will anyone else be effective in DC as a president from here on out? The answer is absolutely no way. And BTW, even if Trump is indicted and found guilty, he can still be president. A felony does not preclude you from being president.

Bragg is trying to claim that Trump used his own funds that he put into his campaign to pay the hooker and that makes it illegal. Bill Clinton did the same to pay $850,000 to Jones to settle a public lawsuit after an election but before any reelection no less Hillary’s run for president.  Trump won against Stormy Daniels that he never had an affair with her and she eventually admitted that whereas Clinton did have an affair with Jones. All of this is absolutely desperate interference in the 2024 election.

Soros George 2

What deeply offends me is that Bragg is tainted with the worst possible funding – George Soros – the man who wants to destroy the very economic system that enabled him to make billions. As Fox News reported, George Soros “funneled $40 million dollars into district attorney campaigns nationwide, and now his beneficiaries represent around 20% of Americans,” and that included Bragg on that list. I traded head-to-head with sorry. I never lost against him for he was famous for a single trade. I detest him as an individual and I believe if anyone is the equivalent of the AntiChrist, he would be in my top 5 candidates. He is 93 years old. When he dies, perhaps they will declare it a national holiday. But not the day he was born – the day when he finally dies.



I was actually asked if I would get back into politics and advise Trump NOT TO RUN in 2024 and to support DeSantis because “he is a better administrator.”  All of that I do not argue with. I told them that my concern would be that they eat DeSantis for lunch if not breakfast.



Despite all the propaganda set in motion by the Democrats led by Hillary that Trump was a puppet of Putin., it was Trump who authorized the first delivery of Lethal weapons to Ukraine. Here is a BBC video on this top and every adviser that was put in the White House when Trump first took office were ALL Neocons. It took Trump some time to realize that he was surrounded by Neocons who wanted nothing but World War III with Russia.

Fiona Hill, a British citizen, was stuffed in there by the Neocons as deputy assistant to the president and senior director for European and Russian affairs on his National Security Council staff. After Trump got rid of her for her constant warmongering, Hill returned to Brookings in April 2019 where she was a colleague of Victoria Nuland’s husband David Kagan. Hill also had a very close working relationship with National Security Advisor John Bolton, a notorious Neocon who always advocated war and still does. Hill has openly remarked that it was very difficult to maintain a consistent U.S.-Russia policy under President Trump because she always advocated war with Russia.

Today, the Neocons have FULL CONTROL of the Biden Administration and are hurling us into World War III. This is what I mean that I would rather have Trump in there than DeSantis, ONLY because Trump had to fire all of these Neocons when he came to realize they will sacrifice all American youth on a battlefield to achieve their single-minded goal of destroying Russia and then they want to turn on China. There is no place in their vocabulary for the word PEACE! They have taken the United States as the defender of LIBERTY and transformed it into an evil empire to dominate the world. Fiona Hill’s testimony to impeach Trump

This is NOT who the American people are! We need to take back our country from these very dangerous and evil people. I fear that Trump may not be the ONLY person who really understands their game. They seem to be relying on George Soros and his funding to change America and the world. In support of Soros, Fiona Hill calls attacks on George Soros anti-Semitic.

In November 2019, during the impeachment inquiry, Hill testified in a closed-door deposition for ten hours during the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. Some Republicans, and many others, questioned the credibility of her testimony. Even Connie Mack IV, questioned the veracity of her testimony in light of her agenda to create war with Russia which Trump opposed. Mack even described Hill in the New Yorker as a “George Soros mole infiltrating the national security apparatus”. On May 31st, 2020, Roger Stone also publicly stated: “This is very hard to believe, but I confirmed the facts again this morning. Soros has planted a mole infiltrating the national-security apparatus—a woman named Fiona Hill.” 

Government Corruption

Washington is a very dirty tricks place. They will do anything to get their way. It was long suspected that even during the election of Ronald Regan and Iran holding the 52 American hostages, there was a secret deal to let Iran hold the hostages to influence the presidential election and defeat President Jimmy Carter. Now Texas politician, Ben Barnes, has come out and confessed that he was personally involved in rigging the election. Those pushing Ronald Reagan for president struck a secret deal with the Iranian government to hold 52 Americans hostages so that Reagan could defeat Jimmy Carter. Back then, that is when I first heard that Reagan was a governor and that they would have to “train him” for they were clearly looking at him as someone they could manipulate. As I pointed out in The Rise of the Neocons special report, they stuffed his cabinet with Neocons who objected to Reagan even meeting with Gorbachev. They kept telling him that it was a trick and he should never trust a Russian. It was the Neocons maneuvering with Iran to ensure Regan would win so they could manipulate him into war.

The Neocons want a new kind of world where they govern with no accountability except to themselves.