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Soros Meddling in Texas

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Soros one world government

George Soros is using his fortune to support the establishment once again and now has his sights set on Texas. Amid the Texas border standoff, Soros has spent nearly $3 million to support five separate groups in Texas determined to flip the state blue.

Texas Majority PAC, funded solely by Soros and his Democracy PAC II, has been operating off the radar since December 2022. “Texas Majority PAC is a research and development institution dedicated to flipping Texas blue by building year-round Democratic infrastructure in the key regions of Texas,” the description notes. “TMP invests in partners running voter engagement and turnout programs in an effort to bring their work to the scale required to win statewide office in Texas.”

Those affiliated with the group are confident they will continue to receive funding. Soros personally provided the group with $1.4 million and funneled an additional $850,000 through his Democracy PAC II. “We need millions of more dollars and hundreds of more full-time staff to do this,” the group’s executive director, Katherine Fischer, told The Texas Tribune. “Texas Majority PAC works with partners across the state to create the conditions that will make flipping the state possible.”

Soros Austin Defund Police

What conditions are required to flip Texas? The group has been extremely vague but there are numerous theories. Again, this is only one of FIVE known groups that Soros is bankrolling.

Texas is a Republican state, but Trump barely secured the Lone Star State in 2020 when he defeated Joe Biden by a mere six percentage points. Donald Trump received 52.06% of the total vote, which amounted to 5,890,347 votes. On the other hand, Joe Biden received 46.48% of the total vote, which was 5,259,126 votes.

Texas Majority PAC is run by staffers from  Beto O’Rourke’s 2022 failed campaign. O’Rourke lost the 2018 Senate race against Ted Cruz and has not sought any office since. Ted Cruz is up for re-election this year, and rest assured this PAC will do everything to prevent him from winning. O’Rourke was an outspoken advocate for illegal immigration and removing any border between the US and Mexico.

Texas is narrowly holding on to its red state values. One of the “conditions” that could flip Texas is the very issue Governor Abbott is fighting to prevent – illegal migration. These globalists will continue the invasion of Texas in a sinister attempt to flip the state, thereby removing any barriers that would prevent illegal immigrants who they see as future blue voters.