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Soros is at it Again Lobbying for $3.5 Trillion Spending Spree

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George Soros is 91 years old. Many pray every night for his departure from this world. His Quantum Fund was said to have been the inspiration behind the infamous “Quantum,” which was the criminal organization featured as the antagonists in the James Bond film “Casino Royale” and its sequel “Quantum of Solace.” The organization exists in the shadows and is known to contract third parties to avoid implicating itself in the Bond movies. That is not so off the mark in real life. The Quantum Fund is offshore and remains cloaked in secrecy. Yes, it has links to the Rothschilds as well.

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Soros is always pushing to overthrow the United States with his open society, which is really a one-world government headed by the United Nations. He was behind the entire EU project because of this same theory that eliminating governments would eliminate war. It is terribly naive. If he bothered to actually study history, he would see that the idea of a one-world government does NOT prevent war. In fact, it encourages internal strife because one size does not fit all.

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Soros is behind funding the Democrats to push this $3.5 trillion spending program as well as groups to oppose the Secretary of the Treasury objecting to this agenda. As a trader, he knows full well that this will undermine the US dollar and the US economy. This seems to be the objective here to undermine the United States so it can be surrendered to Soros’ open society headed by the United Nations. Soros is against Democracy, for we are too stupid to know what is best. He holds his sideshows also at Davos and perhaps hands out party favors or door prices rather than bribes.

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While many pray for Soros to die, unfortunately, he has been training his son Alexander Soros to shake all the political hands behind the curtain. George Soros set up his son with his own philanthropy and Alex is now a major donor to the Democrats, which gives him access and influence. Alexander Soros is the deputy chair of the Open Society Foundations. He sits on the boards of Bard College, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, and Central European University. While George Soros does not come to appear with Democrats, he sends his son. Alexander met the VP pick, Harris, because he was there in the vetting process and his father was informed and approved.

Make no mistake about it; if Alexander Soros is on the phone, they will pick it up. He is believed to be as far left as his father. He was born in 1985 yet has his own foundation with his dad’s money. So anyone who wants to know why the Democrats have moved far left, just look to Soros, who wants to end the United States to hand all power to the United Nations in an Open Society. That is why the Democrats are allowing at least 400,000 people to flood into the country to vote Democrat; the rumor is before the 2022 election, Biden will sign an executive order granting all illegals citizenship so they can vote.

The Democrats are bought and paid for and it has been alleged they get secret benefits from the Quantum Fund