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Solution for Biden’s Many Falls?

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Joe Biden was 78 when he took the oath of office as the 46th president of the United States in January 2021. This earned him the spot as the oldest president in U.S. history. But age is not everything. Biden has displayed many times that he is not 100% mentally well. The Democrats are quick to point out that Ronald Reagan was 77 years old. What they are misrepresenting is that his age was indeed 77 as the 40th president, but that was at the completion of his second term in January 1989. While campaigning in 1980, Reagan tried to put to rest questions about his age by pledging that he would resign if the White House physician ever detected signs of mental deterioration. In the case of Biden, there is not even an independent mental evaluation. The UNC Department of Neurology said diagnosing dementia requires a comprehensive evaluation, including in-person tests.


Once in office, Reagan proved to be remarkably resilient and he even survived an assassination attempt in 1981, as well as surgery in 1985 to remove a cancerous polyp in his large intestine. Ronald Reagan always appeared to be in robust health, in part because he exercised regularly with weights and enjoyed horseback riding and performing manual labor at his ranch in California. Reagan was able to brush aside concerns about age with humor, once joking during a 1984 debate, “I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”

The interesting fact is that NOT A SINGLE mainstream journalist would dare ask Biden the same question. Hence, we should expect a continued focus on Biden’s age for he is 1 year older than Reagan when he had completed two terms. Reagan was 69 years old when he took office. Biden said he would not run for a second term which would make him 82.

Owen Nuts

In comparison, judges are there for life. My judge Richard Owen had serious dementia. He would even forget who I was and called me the counselor for my client, which was me. But the Court of Appeals will NEVER question the mental capacity of a judge. Finally, they took my case away from him and said “perhaps a fresh pair of eyes” was needed. They kept hinting to release me but he never got it. The SEC even stood up and said the contempt should be vacated and he never listened. They took also Frank Quatrone’s case away from Judge Owen, never admitting there were mental problems, always saying he was a fine judge.

Psaki Hen

We can expect the same with Biden. Nobody will ever admit there is a problem.  What has everyone concerned about is that Joe Biden said in January that he would address the nation in the typical State of the Union Address which would be forthcoming. Then White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Feb. 16 that Biden’s first appearance before a joint session “was never planned to be in February.” This has led to rumors that he is back in the basement with bouts of dementia since Psaki is clearly trying to revise history. This is only made more plausible when members of the Democratic Party ask for Biden to relinquish his codes to launch nuclear weapons. That in itself raises serious questions about Biden. Hence, all we can expect are more memes about Biden’s age and mental incapacity.