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Socrates’ Political Forecasts

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Congress 20162017 Combined Congress Decline of Democrats Socialism

Many government officials around the world look at our political forecasts, which are done by our computer and are not influenced by personal opinion or bias. These were our projections for the 2016 election. As you can easily see, this is all data-driven. The computer has a political database from around the world; all correlated with the economies and market activity.

US Presidential Electorial College 1789 2016 Votes

At the very beginning, there was the Federalist vs. the party of Jefferson – the Democratic-Republican Party. They split for the Civil War and the Democrats became the Southern slave owners and the North became the Republicans led by Abraham Lincoln. The significant divergence came with FDR and the Great Depression as he ushered in socialism. While the Democrats fought against less government since socialism requires a strong central government, they began to lose power in the ’90s. We can see that the closest elections were 1824, 1875, 1916, and 2000.

Tax Rich Politicians Vote For Me

atlasshruggedSoliamism has reduced the economy’s efficiency and economic growth, leading to the eventual long-term impoverishment of society. Those who produce are heavily taxed and regulated, so they produce less. That is Ayn Rand (1905-1982) and Atlas Shrugged, which she wrote as a warning to the West after escaping from Communist Russia in 1925 when she was granted a visa to visit relatives in Chicago. She arrived in New York City on February 19, 1926, and never intended to return. The LEFT hated her work.

When Ayn Rand published Atlas Shrugged, she received the worst reviews ever. The press was socialistic, agreed with FDR, and even supported Stalin as the solution to the Great Depression. Despite having the press trying to prevent people from reading it, fearing the book would be against the socialistic philosophy they were pushing, Atlas Shrugged has been ranked as #2 in the most influential books, just behind the Bible.

The LEFT refuses to look at the evidence because their dream is a totalitarian state where the government becomes God or your parents, and its sole purpose is to take care of you until you die. They demonize people like Trump because they fear that people will just look at the evidence and turn the other way. Their ideas have led to the death of over 200 million people and still counting.

2016 PresElection Copy

Our 2016 forecast clearly showed a Trump victory with 3 out of four models. The fourth was a dead heat of 49% each. Two of the models indicated 60%+. The latest polls back in 2016 showed 63% of voters said Clinton is overly secretive, 55% said she was corrupt, and 52% said she was “extremely liberal.” Nevertheless, she blamed Putin – not herself.


2020 Election Forecast 6 Models2024 Presidential Election by Popular Vote


Here are the Popular Vote projections from 2020 and 2024. Compare 2024 and 2020, and what you see is a 50/50 split in 2020 but nothing greater than 54%. Now, turn to 2024, and what you see is huge landslide potential of 62% and 59%. and you will see that was not the case before. As you can see, two models with huge gaps project a victory for Trump. This is why the LEFT is freaking out. The 2020 models were evenly split and did not show a landslide election.

This is very interesting historically since the only presidents since 1900 to be elected with greater than 60% of the popular vote were Lyndon Johnson in 1964  after the Kennedy Assassination,  61.05%,  Franklin Roosevelt in 1936 with 60.80%, Richard Nixon in 1972 with 60.67%, and Warren Harding in 1920 with 60.32%. For this model to show 61% and 59% is drastically high. We only saw that level with the Kennedy Assassination.




2024 Turnout


When we look at the Voter Turnout, this is a rising trend. There is some initial resistance at the 62-64% level, with significant resistance at the 68-69% area. We can even see the Stochastic is turning up. So, we should expect perhaps a new high for the post-World War II era.

Voter Turnout Array 1 24 24


Now, looking at the computer’s timing analysis, there is a major Directional Change for 2025 and a Panic Cycle appearing in 2027 and 2031. This implies we should see a rise in voter turnout, but the question will be, is this because Biden is handing citizenship to the illegal aliens he is letting flood the nation?

Biden Puppet Master

Those pulling the strings of their puppet Biden have way too much at risk if Trump wins. Our computer has warned since 1985 that 2016 would be the first opportunity for a 3rd Party could win, which was Trump since the elite Uniparty Republicans hated Trump because he was an outsider. It then projected a tight election for 2020, then for 2024, it would be hotly contested, and neither side would accept the result. Then we arrive at 2028, which would be the 50th president, which is the election the computer warns may not even take place. This is approaching 51.6 cyclically, and with Panic Cycles and 2028 showing at the strongest target, this period in time does not look good in the least.

2028 Presidential forecast