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Should Politicians Who Wear Masks be Impeached as Devious or Incompetent?

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The fact that we have politicians appearing in masks raises a serious question. Either they are stupid and have been acting on FAKE news, which means they are incompetent to manage a bubblegum machine no less the country, or they are deliberately engaging in propaganda. If we answer that question, in both cases it suggests that they should NOT be in office and IMPEACHED.



Not only did Fauci state the truth until someone told him to impose social distancing and masks, but now even Dr. Colin Axon in Britain is warning some cloth masks have gaps that are invisible to the naked eye but are 500,000 times the size of viral Covid particles.

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All the studies have shown that masks are “USELESS” and are nothing more than comfort toys, a blanket an infant clings to. There is absolutely NO evidence that a mask prevents any illness. In Asia, if someone was sick they would wear the mask to prevent them from infecting others. But they never viewed masks as a means to prevent someone from getting sick.

Terrorizing of the population and lockdowns have not just raised suicide rates, the death rate from drug overdoses has also soared 29%. Indeed, there’s little doubt that this manufactured pandemic has been devastating on many children and adolescents. The disruption of routines, loss of sports, careers, reduced contact with friends, concerns over getting ill, and financial turmoil suffered by many families have all been exacerbating a toll on mental health. Those in power ignore the “collateral damage” and are only concerned about their agenda. If they really cared about society, this would include the devastating cost on the youth.