Shooting at Capital Gazette was Personal – not Political

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The violence is gradually escalating over a political confrontation that is building between left and right. While the polls now show that 31% of American believe we are indeed headed into a civil war, and over 50% believe the left is moving to violence, and incident seems to be turning to political explanation. Now a gunman targeted journalists at the Capital Gazette. Sources say the shooter was Jarrod Warren Ramos who had filed a defamation lawsuit against the newspaper and lost. The claim was over a criminal plea he had entered in a case.

The journalist media has jump on this and pointing the finger at Trump claiming his attack on the media as fake news is behind it. This is illustrating just how divided the country has become and the journalists immediately are blaming Trump illustrating the underlying hatred and bias that exists below the headlines.

Yet when the police showed up, he surrendered and did not shoot at the police. This appears to be a clear attempt to vindicate what he saw as an injustice by the press on him personally. The Capital Gazette is actually one of the oldest newspapers in the United States.