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Schumer’s Dilemma

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Chuck Schumer is up for re-election in 2022. When the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court took place, New York Progressives who are out to change America into the next Marxist-Wonderland, warned Schumer to “step up to the plate” and publicly support stuffing the Supreme Court with progressives who would rule against the Constitution in the manner that they want. They threatened Schumer that if he did not comply with their demands, then he will face a tough fight to keep his Senate seat when he is up for re-election in 2022.

The threat came in a very strongly-worded letter to Schumer signed by a coalition of 22 progressive New York City and state officials. The letter demanded that Schumer counter a number of “right-wing ideologues” on the country’s Supreme Court, which is described as not being an impartial arbiter of whether policies enacted by branches of government were in keeping with the US Constitution and US. laws. Biden’s pick for the top bank regulator is an outright Communist and against banking. Saule Omarova, a law professor at Cornell Law School, is probably the most anti-capitalist person who was educated in Russia and nostalgic for communism. Indeed, in her Senate hearing, some asked if they should call her comrade or professor. Either way, she has no experience in the real world of banking. She is just another academic with theories to experiment on society.

Schumer is up for re-election in 2022 and the Democratic Party is being torn apart. This Build Back Better spending bill is the single largest spending bill as a percentage of the national debt in the entire history of the nation. It has nothing to do with stimulating the economy. About one-third is all about the environment; shutting down fossils fuels is the main goal decades before there is any replacement. Forget just heating people’s homes, they are out to end commuting to work, eliminating office buildings, and shut down fossil fuels now even before a theory of alternative energy could ever replace everything in 20 years. The real objective seems to be reducing the population, for that is the ONLY way to ever achieve their unrealistic goals.

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Looking at Schumer’s career, 2022 is the peak. Even if he is re-elected, there will be a decline between 2022 and 2026. So either the Democrats lose the Senate in 2022, or Schumer loses the election. Either way, his political career is peaking out in 2022. The vast majority of Americans are NOT progressives willing to surrender everything and overturn the Constitution.

Already 70% of Americans feel that the Democrats are taking the country in the wrong direction. Biden will never run in 2024, and the progressives do not care about the polls of the Democrats. They are forcing their agenda through come hell or high water, as they say. They just got the Democrats to pass the Build Back Better bill in the House. This is the takeover of the United States and the imposition of raw tyranny to create this new world of the Great Reset.