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Satire of the American Election or Reality?

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MANCHUKISTAN: Social Media channels under the influence of self-declared presidential race winner Joseph Bidenski have banned Manchukistan’s incumbent opposition leader “The Donald” Trump from their networks.

The move follows a mostly peaceful protest at the country’s state legislature building by Trump supporters on Wednesday, in which an unarmed former female airforce officer was shot in the face by special forces security. The incident was well documented on social media video from multiple angles with many witnesses present. Protestors say they had rallied in the state capitol to make their concerns over electoral fraud heard. They believe legitimate evidence of irregularities has been strategically suppressed or ignored by a mostly captured and corrupted government and media system that favors a Bidenski win. Shouting demands for “democracy to be restored” and desires “to take their country back” protestors — who included many former military and senior citizens — flocked through the capitol building. The flow of protestors, many of whom were draped in US flags, was largely unimpeded by authorities. As they entered many took to social media, taking selfies of themselves in seats of government power with others leaving messages for the politicians they object to.

The Bidenski transition team described the disruption as a coup attempt, flamed by Trump’s rhetoric at rallies and on Twitter. Donald Trump had called for peaceful protests, encouraging supporters to step down once events had turned more violent. His removal from Twitter will be a blow to supporters, who say they have long been censored by the corporate-controlled media that favors a Bidenski win.

Trump, a former reality TV Star, and real-estate tycoon had until now relied on social media to get his pro constitutional democracy message to supporters. Trump has long highlighted press corruption, which he says has included an unrelenting four-year campaign by the opposition to discredit his leadership and delegitimize his presidency. All attempts to impeach the president by the due process have so far failed. No evidence was found of alleged collusion with foreign states either.

In a climate of fear and repression, trump supporters have resorted to underground channels of communication and independent internet message boards.  Many identify with an underground counter-propaganda movement, which mainstream sources have long discredited as a baseless conspiracy theory. The underground members bear the symbol Q to help identify each others’ allegiances and commitment to the US constitution. It is feared by many Trump supporters that Bidenski’s control of the Senate and Congress will soon lead to constitutional changes, including the packing of the Supreme Court.

Bidenski is supported by most mainstream media channels and a rival anti-constitutional movement, with Marxist origins, which disparages patriotic sentiment.

Information about Bidenski’s links to the Chinese communist party, meanwhile, was willfully suppressed by mainstream media in the lead up to the November 3 election.

Trump’s administration had been moving to initiate anti-trust action against many of the mainstream and social media platforms.

Submitted by a reader from Behind the old Iron Curtain