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Running for President?

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COMMENT:  Hi Martin.
You came to my attention via the documentary about your life and trials.
It left me with the impression that you are very careful about what you do or say or make known in order to not really interfere. Things have to run their course, understood.
Is it maybe time to harness the mass of people and resources to help fight the issues?
I would never tell another person what they should do; I am too dumb for that, but I just wonder?
Either way, Merry Christmas, and may God bless your life; I find your posts refreshing, and some days, they are the only thing that give me hope that I and my family will come out the other side of this.
Stay safe.

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REPLY:  I greatly appreciate your comments. Many people have been asking me why I do not throw my hat in the ring for 2024. I like my hat. I would be glad to step up and help whoever makes the cut as long as they are independent, not cut from the same cloth, and are sincere. This is NOT something I would do for money. I am not someone from Goldman Sachs, and if I take such a position, I would have to sell all my shares in Goldman TAX-FREE since I am doing that for the country – right! I have more than enough to cover me til Scotty beams me up.

They have tried to kill me once. I have lost all fear of death, so that really does not bother me. In that regard, Socrates was my inspiration. When sentenced to death he said it was either the migration of the soul to see all his old friends, or it was like a mid-summer night’s sleep, so peaceful never to be disturbed by a dream. How many of us have had such a wonderful night? Go ahead – do your best. Either way, there is nothing to be feared.

They know that I am a fighter. I think if I did want to commit suicide, all I would have to do was announce I was running for president. They will find a way and claim I had sudden remorse fearing I might win or the loss was so overwhelming. Whatever! I might be more hated by the Deep State than Trump for they know I understand the game.

I cannot prevent what is happening. The best I can do is help to recreate a better system after the collapse and try to prevent its destruction in the future based on all the contrivances I have studied throughout history.