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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Run as an Independent – The Death of the Two-Party System?

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This news was overshadowed by the pandemonium occurring in the Middle East. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that he will run as an Independent candidate and is no longer aligned with the Democratic Party. The Democrats have prevented Kennedy from speaking and have offered absolutely no support. In fact, they have been trying to silence him since he first appeared on the scene. They refuse to hold debates as they need the current senile puppet to stay in power.

Look at the video above for a small preview of how the media covers RFK Jr. They have hurled every insult in the book at him — a Republican plant intended to stop Joe Biden, a conspiracy theorist spreading dangerous misinformation, anti-vaxxer, and even an anti-semite. In the video below, Kennedy explains why he does not need to align with the Democrats on EVERY issue. Leaders should have original thoughts and solutions, but today we have politicians who blindly vote for the status quo. He explains how the Democratic Party has lost all of its original values and his initial intention was to restore it to the party he once knew.

RFK Jr. believes that the American people need independence from the two-party system. He plainly called the system rigged and said it has turned “government officials into indentured servants for their corporate bosses.” Look how polarized the left and right has become in recent years. There is no bipartisanship in government to the point that America’s entire credit score has been undermined since shutdowns are now inevitable. The shift has spilled over from politics into our communities; America has truly become a divided nation.

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Super Pac American Values 2024 donated $11.28 million to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. a day after his announcement. Elon Musk has provided Kennedy with a platform to speak in the past, and many are questioning if he will begin openly promoting the candidate. Musk has Soros levels of power and influence, and there is no billionaire akin to Soros supporting the middle or right.

Don’t hold your breath for an election next November. The globalists will do everything in their power to keep Biden in office, which means we cannot have a fair election because no one in their right mind wants four more years of this nonsense. They won’t need to collect votes from dead registered Democrats or miscalculate mail-in ballots because of the excuse of ongoing wars. Hopefully, Kennedy can at least open some eyes to the rigged system in America and show how our politicians have polarized the people.