Rigging the Democratic Elections

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COMMENT: Marty, JB here.

As always, I love you Man!!!

I just watched the Joe Rogan interview with Bernie Sanders. I was impressed with Bernie’s clever use of middle class (and lower economic classes) socioeconomic concerns to win votes. What scares me is he believes taxes are the solution to everything.

Would it be possible for you or your firm to make a list of all of Bernie’s topics, his proposed solution for each, and your perspective on how each alleged solution would crush the economy.

My brother (age 63) has fallen for Bernie Sanders, it shocked me.

Thanks for all you do.

REPLY: I know. People just listen to these politicians who always assume the problem is the private sector. There is NEVER any analysis that is even permitted to review government. I have testified before the House Ways & Means Committee. I have sat in the private office of Dick Army when he was the majority leader in Congress. I have been close to the flame of power and realized that even with absolute access, I could not change the course of events.

Bernie cannot see the consequences of what he even says. He truly believes his own propaganda. I cannot say that Bernie is evil or deliberately lying to the people as Hillary and most other politicians actually do for personal gain. But this is also why the Democrats will not allow Bernie to be the candidate. I believe they will do everything in their power to conspire against Bernie right down to changing the votes again. As Stalin said, it is not the votes that count, but who counts the votes.