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Rigging the 2020 Election & Beyond

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2020 Election 1

COMMENT #1: “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
“I don’t need you to get me elected.”
Martin, please comment on how we overcome the blatant fraud this election cycle in November.
Sincerely, Michael

COMMENT #2: Martin,
Regarding your recent blog posts on the election being rigged, I think three anomalies prove that it was:

First – Trump is the first incumbent President in history to allegedly lose while increasing his vote total from the previous election. All previous incumbent Presidents who did so won reelection. And Trump’s percentage increase was more than most other Presidents and he improved his vote totals with virtually all groups.

Second – Biden severely underperformed both Hillary and Obama in all the “safe” blue states that usually vote Democrat, yet somehow miraculously overperformed both of them in precisely all the battleground states he needed to win. A statistical anomaly that has never happened in the history of our elections.

And last but not least – while most Presidents usually gain House seats after their initial win, Biden somehow lost seats while allegedly gaining the most votes in history. And not only did he lose seats, at thirteen seats, he lost more than any incoming President since at least 1928. That’s back to the earliest date I could find data on.
Thanks for your information in these times
Best Regards,

2020 Arrays

REPLY: Your statistical analysis is spot on. Here are the arrays showing that we should have had a sharp rise in voter turnout, which was also a Directional Change. Then looking at the 3rd Party we had a Directional Change, and look at 2023 – we had a Panic Cycle, which appears to be on target. 2024 was projected to be a turning point, and then another Panic Cycle for the mid-term in 2026. The major turning point will be 2028, reflecting that there is no way Democrats or Republicans will win in 2028.

US Combined Capitol Hill 2022

This chart combines the total number of seats between the House and the Senate and plots the combined number. There is nothing in the data that would confirm that the 2020 election would be fair and correct. This is all coming to a head for 2024. The Democrats ironically claim to be defending Democracy by throwing Republicans off the ballot: totally absurd logic and completely a real insurrection against our free government. The people are supposed to decide – not Democrats trying every trick to win so they can take us into totalitarianism and World War III.

Left v Right 2023

Even technically, we can see that the trend for the Republicans (RIGHT) has been punching through the Downtrend Line. The Democrats (LEFT) are clearly in a bear market. None of the statistics supports an overwhelming victory for Biden in 2020 to the point he got more votes than Hillary or Obama. If that were true, we should expect to have seen a major spike high.

As far as how to “overcome the blatant fraud this election cycle in November,” I will run the models and look at this problem closely. I fear we are in serious trouble, and the Neocons have the Uniparty behind them. Nikki Haley wants World War III. She blames Putin for everything and would have no problem launching World War III. These Neocons have seized control of both parties. They cannot live in peace and always want bloodshed. More civilians ALWAYS die in war than soldiers. This is not a video game or a football match. This will terminate the United States and alter the world economy in the process.