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RFK Fund Raising Becoming Interesting

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I have been getting a lot of emails from Europe and Asia asking if they can donate to RFK’s campaign. The fact that so many are asking that question is in itself interesting. I have never received such a question regarding Trump, Hillary, Biden, Bush, McCain, or Al Gore. The mere fact that for the first time, I have been getting this question relative to RFK, I believe, demonstrates that he has a lot more appeal than the press or, certainly, the Democrats want to admit.

Q: Is it legal for candidates to raise funds overseas for a presidential race?

A: Yes, but they can’t legally accept donations from individuals who are neither U.S. citizens nor permanent U.S. residents (Green Card holders can donate).

We are not talking about major donations like Biden got illegally, but donations from individuals. The maximum you can donate stands at $3,300 per election per candidate (52 U.S.C. § 30116(a)(1)(A)), but that is for the primary and then you can donate the same again for the election, while the limit on contributions made by persons to national party committees now stands at $41,300 per calendar year.