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Retribution & Hatred

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LHSUSA Y Array 9 25 2020

While the House impeached Trump for the 2nd time, this actually introduces a serious constitutional question. Most members cast their votes by proxy, under special coronavirus rules allowing them to offer their input through the use of a designated voter. That means the vote may even be illegal. This desperate attempt to impeach Trump just for the hell of it is merely retribution. A trial would even have to be in the Senate after he left office. They would need 2/3rd to impeach him from office but he is already gone.

This is becoming really bizarre. There is a serious Constitutional question if another member of Congress can vote on behalf of another because he is not there on the issue of impeaching a president. This is just not something that seems very legal.

On top of that, there are already trying to come up with criminal charges of some conspiracy to imprison Trump. Then you have the real zealots demanding that Home Alone 2 be remastered and have Trump removed from the movie.

None of this is going to heal the nation. Even when Nixon resigned, Ford pardoned him because it would have resulted in real chaos. Here it seems nobody cares. Biden’s first 100 days would be overshadowed by an impeachment trial in the Senate that would be convened after he left office which would most likely be ruled on by the Supreme Court as moot. It would certainly present a distraction for Biden and perhaps that is the objective. Everyone would be focusing on the revenge against Trump and 50% of the country while the press skips over what is really happening.

Napoleon Under Covers

This is certainly no way to run a free society. Our political model showed that while the Democrats may have won the Senate, they lost seats in the House and they are still in a bear market with this high again being lower than the last. As we head into 2022, it looks like sheer chaos. I think even my dog will be hiding under the covers for 2022.