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Rep. Chip Roy: If We Don’t Stop It, This Country Will Not Survive

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Watch Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) destroy the House by questioning government spending and a complete lack of communication between parties. The Democrats pushed forward massive spending bills this year as the nation teetered on a recession and nearly defaulted on its debt. There are continuous plans to fund a growing number of social programs with zero solutions on how to fund them. “If we don’t stop it, this country will not survive,” Roy warned.

The issue is government-wide. “We never make a choice, ever — both parties, by the way,” Roy declared. Roy stated that he voted to take away powers from the president under the Trump Administration, despite being a Republican. Now, Roy noted, the current president has issued a federal vaccine mandate that no one voted on. He publicly admits that only a few people are making decisions for the masses. This means that a handful of people, acting in their own self-interests, are deciding the fate of millions. Democracy is in jeopardy.