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Remember When Joe Biden Was Openly Racist?

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Click here for additional footage. In November 1993, Joe Biden referred to “jive folks” as “predators.” He said there was no way to rehabilitate them and that it “should not be a condition for release.” If videos like these existed of any Republican candidate, they’d be force to flee the nation. This was when Biden was fighting to implement the harshest punishments possible under what became the 1994 Crime Bill with the infamous “three-strike” rule.

“It doesn’t matter or not if they were deprived as a youth, it doesn’t matter or not whether they had no background that [mumbles] socialized them into the fabric of society,” then-Senator Biden insisted when speaking to US lawmakers. “It doesn’t matter or not whether they’re the victims of society.” All of this is in direct contrast to the laws he implements today in an attempt to cover his past racist remarks.

Former President Bill Clinton and the Democrats strongly supported the 1994 Crime Bill. The Republicans did not support this legislation. There are people still rotting away in cells due to this extreme legislation pushed forth by the “party of peace.” Yes, the bill targeted minorities more than others by design. As Joe Biden put it: “Let me define the liberal wing of the Democratic Party. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is now for 60 new death penalties. That is what is in this bill. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party has 70 enhanced penalties…. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is for 100,000 cops. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party is for 125,000 new state prison cells.”

Biden directly fueled the mass incarceration problem we have today. He previously bragged about being the one to draft the 1994 Crime Bill. In 1984, Biden pushed forward the Comprehensive Control Act that gave government greater access to civil asset forfeiture. He spent nearly his entire career pushing tough-on-crime policies intended to put as many Americans behind bars as possible.

Suddenly, Biden became a born-again light-on-crime advocate when he decided to run for president. That was never his viewpoint and he adamantly fought for the opposite for decades. In his own words, he does not believe offenders can be rehabilitated and he does not care why they committed an offense in the first place. He certainly does not care about the “disadvantaged youth” that the Democrats love to discuss today. Joe Biden wanted the American prison complex to profit from the pain of those convicted; those who are not above the law like his own son. These new woke policies are not Biden’s original thoughts, but part of a broader plan that he is ushering in for the globalist agenda.