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Pushing the Envelope for Civil Unrest

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It appears the January 6th committee has prevented Stephen K. Bannon from showing his evidence and the right to defend himself including his protection of the executive privilege from the President.

It is suggested he will be found guilty as soon as today and his case then rests on the slim ‘chance’ of the Supreme Court taking the case.

Would you kindly unpack this entire debacle when this committee is not even a court of law in a courtroom, please?

It is shaping up for President Trump to be charged, right on time for the midterms.

Thank you In advance for any clarity you can provide on the latest abuse of power by the legal system and the Justice Department.


Insurrection Clause

ANSWER: The Democrats and Liz Cheney are intent upon criminally charging Trump with insurrection. They need to prevent Trump from running in 2024. This is not about jail time.  This will make the headlines for the mid-term, and this is their Hail Mary play to paint all Republicans as evil and should be thrown out of office. Of course, they are instigating revolution, for our computer points to civil war in the US. I believe this is part of the reason our computer is targeting 2023 as a Political & Geopolitical Year from Hell. Of course, the Democrats who foam at the mouth and live for the day that they can completely eradicate all opposition are blind to history and the consequences of their own actions.

The Insurrection Clause was part of the 14th Amendment passed after the Civil War to prevent anyone from the South from holding office again. This is what they are relying on, and it is really absurd. Trump felt the election was rigged, but that did not lead to a civil war – YET! There are two outcomes here, and both lead to civil war. The ONLY way Trump could be indicted for this would be under the questionable theory of a “conspiracy to commit an insurrection,” which the Constitution does not support as a bar. So they are looking for headlines — not reality. The Justice Department will do whatever the Democrats demand. It is no longer a viable institution. When the rule of law collapses, the ONLY resolution is civil war. The history of Rome shows that endlessly.

Franklin on Revolution

NASCAR Driver JacketThis is being done for the midterms — NOT for 2024. They know this would allow Trump ample time to appeal, and the Supreme Court would take that one.  Thus, the Democrats know this is an abuse of power, but they do not care. They have so divided the country there is just no return to normal — EVER!  I really wish this was not the case. But it is getting time to turn out the lights on this Republic experiment. Oh, how the fools we have in Washington refuse ever to consult history. Indeed, it is often said that when Franklin was asked what kind of government they created, he wittingly said:  “A republic, if you can keep it.”

Whether that is true or not is really irrelevant. Republics never last because they are the easiest to corrupt, for the “representatives” can be bought like NASCAR drivers, but they do not wear a patch to show who bought them. I have been in the halls of Capitol Hill, and when I was with the government under Maggie Thatcher, all you saw were lobbyists everywhere. I remember seeing US people in London supporting Tony Blair, trying to spread their Marxist agenda just as Russia once claimed they would bury us with their Marxist agenda.

2009 Ginsberg Eugenics


The Justice Department would indict Trump, but nobody would actually violate the law by threatening the Supreme Court over abortion, which is not a Constitutional Right under due process and more than euthanasia, or demanding you have a human right to some medical treatment and the government must pay for it. The Supreme Court has held that the Constitution is NEGATIVE, not POSITIVE, and its decision in Harris v McRae illustrated how wrong Roe v Wade was decided. That was a very clever mental manipulation when Justice Ginsberg said Roe was really about reducing population, so you tell the women it is a right to abort, and they protest for that fictional right when they have been manipulated by the Gates Foundation & Rockefeller Foundation that have always supported killing off minorities. They have already brainwashed so many women who think this is a right when in fact they are mindless drones doing the bid of Gates and the Rockefellers.

This is all part of the process of destroying the United States. We cannot live as one nation divided with such hatred. We are becoming Ukraine with a mindless civil war based entirely upon sheer seething hatred of Russian-speaking Ukrainians. There is no going back for Ukraine, and there will be no return to normal for the United States. We will most likely divide along the same lines as North v South. The hatred of state’s rights v federalism will return.