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Pro-Palestinian Protests Permitted in Blue States

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Pro-Palestinian protestors have been wreaking havoc in US cities for a cause they do not properly understand. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has proved to the nation that his idea of justice equates to demonizing and prosecuting his political opponents while turning an eye to real crimes committed in favor of left-leaning policies.

After illegally camping on the grounds of Columbia University for weeks, over 40 protestors broke into the university and barricaded themselves inside. In the process, they kidnapped several staff members who were forbidden to leave the building that they sealed with zip ties, chairs, tables, and any barricades they could find. The protestors removed security cameras in the building. Students were unable to attend their own graduation ceremony. Columbia President Minouche Shafik called the incident “a violent act that put our students at risk.” Although the police arrested 44 people, Bragg has decided not to prosecute the majority of those responsible.

Yet, Bragg has been relentless in prosecuting former President Donald Trump for non-violent perceived offenses that he had to fabricate in order to create a case. Senator Ted Cruz spoke out against Bragg, noting that Democrats across the US are turning a blind eye to the crimes of pro-Palestinian crooks. “The Democrats you elected and put in charge, they support the radicals and they refuse to prosecute them. You know what, you do that in Texas, you do that in Florida, you do that in Georgia, you do that in Alabama, you will be arrested and you will be prosecuted. There is a consequence if you elect Republicans who actually believe in prosecuting criminals,” Cruz added.


College campuses have turned into circuses, overtaken by protests that turn into riots. Where have we seen this before? Precisely the last election cycle where the Democrats kneeled before statues of George Floyd and permitted the Black Lives Matter gangs to burn down their very own cities. One would hope the rioters do not take the violence to the same extreme as the last election cycle where looting was permitted and the police were utterly unable to act amid calls to defund the police. But it is not looking good as tensions are rising between two groups of thought in this nation.

I would encourage those interested in the truth behind these deliberate acts of civil unrest to read my article on the Cloward-Priven strategy.

The four steps of the Cloward-Piven Strategy:
1. Overload and Break the Welfare System
2. Have Chaos Ensue
3. Take Control in the Chaos
4. Implement Socialism and Communism through Government Force

Those in charge like Bragg have taken matters to step four as they are taking control amid the chaos. They have long allowed the chaos to ensue. Now, they will implement restrictions to “protect” the nation from wrongdoers in our midst. The problem becomes that the prosecutors believe riots in the name of liberal social causes are fair, and gathering of like-minded conservatives pose a threat to national security.

We know that these organized groups have been funded by Democrat-backed super PACs and philanthropists like Soros, who openly speak of meddling in our elections. There is a concerted effort to destabilize the United States ahead of this election. The rule of law has been lost, and half of the country is considered a threat.

Our computers are predicting a major twist come September ahead of the election. Joe Biden simply cannot win fairly and the establishment would never permit Trump back into the Oval Office as he would have most of them arrested and halt plans for the Great Reset. The coming months will be extremely volatile as the left grows increasingly tyrannical.