Populism v Democracy

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COMMENT: You are just a Trump supporter. Nothing else.


REPLY: I feel sorry for you. You cannot obviously question whatever the government tells you. You are the prime example of what Stanley Milgram uncovered – Obedience to Authority. I hope you have no family. Under your guidance, you have condemned their future to economic slavery, just as I saw in East Germany before the wall fell. You do not have the courage to even sign your comment. I strongly recommend you read Stanley’s book.

No person is perfect – Trump included. You hate Trump so much, but you think our politicians in Washington really care about you? Good luck with that one.


Here is John Kerry also explaining that democracy is populism when it votes them out of power and must be terminated. This is your Climate Zar who flies around in his private jet telling coal minors to make solar panels, and you should live in his 15-minute cities and walk everywhere – no more cars.

I am so glad I am not 18 years old. It’s people like you who are cheering on a new Dark Age. They call it the Dark Age after Rome fell in 476 AD. Thus, Europe was thrust into a time of “darkness.” The years that would follow, lack of books, freedom, knowledge, any scientific advancement, and the collapse of all cultural advancement until the Renaissance. You already live in a Darl Age imposed by censorship, which is the beginning of the decline and fall.