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Poltics & the Decline & Fall of America

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Dem Convention

300 people. There have been allegations that Biden’s speech was prerecorded and masterfully edited. The Democrats insist it was live. There were some journalists who claim to have been present. ABC’s Johnny Verhovek, BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer, the Washington Post’s Annie Linskey, the New York Times’ Katie Glueck, the Wall Street Journal’s Ken Thomas, the Daily Beast’s Hanna Trudo, CNN’s Sarah Mucha, the Atlantic’s Edward-Isaac Dovere and CBS’s Bo Erickson. Of course, they did not invite anyone who was not promoting the Democrats against Trump so claiming these journalists are proof is by no means trustworthy.



What is far worse is the sheer hatred that is being unleashed and Pelosi is maintaining this same posture that anyone who voted for Trump is unworthy of their consideration. Biden claims he will bring the country together. They are fanning the very flames that are tearing it apart. But this is what Socrates has been forecasting. The United States is self-destructing and this is typically resolved only in a civil war.

Nancy Pelosi claims that Trump is not worth of debates which she is saying 50% of the country does not have any rights whatsoever. She accuses Trump of having no respect for the Democratic process, yet then refuses to allow debates. This election is anything but normal, and to refuse to have debates only increases the concerns that Biden is not competent to even debate. Hillary is advising Biden if he loses, do not concede, and turn this into sheer chaos.



While Biden claims Trump is not protecting Americans from a virus with a death rate of 0.0535% (175,000 out of 328 million), not a single Democrat has denounced the violence taking place and the sheer hatred pouring out against the opposition. Here mobs are attacking Senator Rand Paul. The LEFT always turns to violence and will NEVER accept any opposition. The RIGHT is you leave me alone and I leave you alone. The LEFT views they are the victim and as such are justified in destroying the rights of their hated opposition. It is a very different thinking process. They demand it is 100% their way and reject the very principles of freedom.

Of if you go far enough to the RIGHT you get the people who see the state as #1 and they stack the courts with pro-Government judges so you end up with 99% conviction rates that even surpassed Adolf Hitler 90% conviction rates against the Jews. However, extreme LEFT or extreme RIGHT they both advocate 100% government supremacy but reach there with different reasoning. The RIGHT culls out people who do not comply whereas the LEFT subjugated everyone.

The LEFTIST protestors even built a guillotine outside of Jeff Bezos’s house. The Amazon billionaire was reported to become the first man worth $200 billion. The tech companies who have been supporting the LEFT in this anti-Trump crusade will find out that in a LEFTIST world, their wealth will become a target as is it always does. They will shockingly realize that their money cannot buy their freedom and they will be stripped of their assets as their companies become nationalized. They obviously know nothing about history.


Gun sales are off the charts. A friend’s home in Connecticut in a suburb was violated. Their son was home in the basement. He called his parents because he heard people upstairs. The parents called a neighbor rather than the police who went over with his gun and the two people wearing hoodies ran out the back door of the house. They were not in the city. There are now more guns than people in the United States (nearly 400 million are in circulation for a population of 330 million).  In just the first six months of this year with the lockdowns and the violent protests as in Portland, approximately 19 million firearms have been sold so far.


There is no question that people’s houses with Trump signs or people wearing his hats are starting to be attacked. This is happening around the country. People are even attacking youth who simply have a Trump hat. A man faces 4 years in prison for attacking a man with a Trump hat. These attacks are taking place around the country.

This is illustrating that there is no going back. Usually, after an election, the loser just moves on. This time, there will be violence for nobody will accept the outcome.