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Polls in Netherlands Show Political Upset in the Wind

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Geert Wilders

Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party soars ahead in polls and would win if the election were held today in the Netherlands. The political world is still in denial. Discussions circulating on Capital Hill are taking the route that Reagan was an outsider, so they just have to train Trump how this has to be done. Around the world, the political elite just do not get it. This is not a trend in a single country that can be analyzed from domestic rhetoric. We are in the middle of a global upheaval for this is a PRIVATE WAVE and we will see government be rejected more and more as we head into 2032.

1844 Phila Nativism Riot Againt Irish

This is not racism. This is standard anti-immigrant. The riot against the Irish in Philadelphia in 1844 was a gun battle. That was the sovereign defaults of states and an economic decline. People naturally begin to blame immigrants for working cheaper and taking jobs. The Irish were white. So there was no racist issue. It was plain economics.