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Politics & the Take Over of the USA by 2022

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QUESTION: Do you think this was meant to be like a 911 event to use against the people with Domestic Terrorism legislation?


ANSWER: Yes. There was an effort to even take hostages and people had plastic ties to do that. If you look at this video, it was the real Trump supporters who did not go along with that agenda and actually fought them off. The mainstream press will not cover that because it does not support their narrative. This was a major effort to discredit not just Trump, but 50% of the country and to bring about submission. It did not turn out to be as bad as they hoped to justify the Domestic Terrorist Act just as they used 911 to push through the Patriot Act which lowered the surveillance of money transfers from $10,000 to $3,500.

The Domestic Terrorism Act legislation was already prepared. They are against “populism” and they are calling for the removal of those on the Hill who supported Trump. You even had John Kerry state that the danger was “populism” and this Great Reset had to also address that. In other words, the end of any democratic right to affect government. In Europe, you have no right to vote for the European Commission or for the head of the EU. You vote only for Parliament which cannot overrule the Commission. They criticize China and call it a communist government because the people do not vote, but I see no real difference with the political system in Europe. Now with the ability to change votes, what elections are have been reduced to a theatre play.

These people have a problem. I warned the WEC that they have a very short fuse. They are trying to pull off this takeover of the nation in 2021 and we already have Biden saying he will eliminate the NRA and they will seek to hunt down people with guns. Biden is already calling this “Domestic Terrorism” and the legislation will authorize imprisonment even for speech. This will be the end of the United States as we have known it. They will stack the Hill and turn on the Supreme Court.

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At the WEC I warned that their Agenda 2030 would be brought forward and it will attempt to put in motion by 2022. They know they must use this momentum now to push forward as fast as possible. Granted, they are probably using our models since they tried so hard to get me to join their club over the decades. Looking at our model, 2022 is the short fuse. They do not have until 2030. We have never had Panic Cycles in our political models like this since the Russian Revolution and the Great Depression.