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Politics 6th or 8th

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6th 8th

COMMENT: Marty; your warning that the Republican party will self-destruct and your insightful post about Trumpism was around before Trump is very important. I just wanted to say we have 100 people now in the House who will object to the Electoral College. You are well-read here in DC. Please, don’t give up.


REPLY: I hope you are right. What I will say is that the computer is targeting now more the 8th than the 6th. Maybe this is what is unfolding. The objections have to be debated and with 7 states in question, perhaps there can be no decision on the 6th. I still do not have a lot of faith in the bulk of Republicans standing up. They have wanted Trump gone because he is not one of them. The newly elected will probably back Trump for they are not part of the “establishment” so far.

If there is no real hearing on the allegations, then leaving this unresolved will only lead to violence. The Supreme Court made a serious mistake. They should have heard the case, reviewed the evidence, and decided for the nation what was real or not. We cannot leave it this way and the left press claiming there is no evidence without a review only encourages violent confrontation when the left is going to change the entire system,. They will have a lot of blood on their hands as did the left press during the Russian Revolution.