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Political Change

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Cycles of the past
lead to future predictions

By Dinah Wisenberg Brin
The Associated Press Philadelphia


The political upheaval of 1994? They saw it coming two years ahead of time. The devastating Japanese earthquake? They’d been expecting it, albeit a year earlier….President Herbert Hoover … might be pleased with board Chairman Martin Armstrong’s prediction of the extinction of the Democratic Party after 2020.

In late 1992, Armstrong accurately predicted either “a sweeping Republican victory on Capitol Hill” or a victory for a independent party in 1994.

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, I found an article from February 21, 1995, in the Associated Press that you had also correctly forecast the elections back in 1994 which became known as the Republican Revolution and warned that the Democratic Party could ride off into the sunset. Your forecast on Trump and BREXIT also show your computer is on to something. Will you be doing the elections in 2020 at the Orlando WEC?


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ANSWER: People do not understand that it is not the cycle by itself; it is a reflection of the trend of the whole. The crisis in the Democratic Party is reflected in the turmoil from the Squad of Four who are receiving all the press and painting the Democratic Party as the extreme left. Then you have Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. They are just not in the center, to say the least. This raises the potential for a major shift in the political system as we saw with Trump wiping out career politicians in the Republic Party. You can see the Array on the Democrats (Combined Senate/House) showed a Panic Cycle in 2019 which gave them the House, but the big turning point will be the 2020 elections with a Panic Cycle due there as the result in 2021.

Yes, we will be doing political forecasts at the WEC.