Pelosi & the Threat to the Nation

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QUESTION: What is your opinion of this investigation into the claimed insurrection of January 6? It seems to me to be a desperate attempt to hurt the Republicans in 2022.

Thank you for your legal input.


ANSWER: I really think Pelosi is unhinged and is a danger to the country. Her decision to tear up Trump’s State of the Union Speech to this latest version of the Spanish Inquisition is not only hateful, but she is largely responsible for dividing the country. The theory that Trump incited the insurrection of the Capitol “rioters” on January 6 as the basis for this charging him criminally is absurd. There are two major insurmountable problems to indicting him for such a theory. First, Trump’s words were ambiguous at their very best. He urged a march to Capitol Hill, but he also discouraged violence. Pelosi lied to the nation by calling it an armed insurrection when the FBI confirmed they did not confiscate even one gun. Second, Trump could argue that he was seeking to uphold the rule of law by obtaining an accurate count of the election results, not seeking to rebel against the authority of the United States.

Torquemada Tomas de (1420-1498)

The Spanish Inquisition under Tomas de Torquemada (1420-1498), over the objections of the Pope, was used for the confiscation of wealth and personal hatred that served Spain – not the Vatican.

Torquemada usurped the Inquisition from the Church being an advisor to the Spanish Crown, thereby benefiting the state, making it the Spanish Inquisition. Torquemada convinced the Spanish Crown that the Moors and the Jews were threats to the state, and once he usurped the Inquisition, he quickly expanded its subject matter jurisdiction far beyond heresy and apostasy, into witches, sorcery, sodomy, polygamy, blasphemy, usury, and a host of other offenses that he envisioned. This had the impact of causing the economy to decline as people hoarded cash and were afraid of showing too much of anything without political connections.

Pelosi is destroying the US economy and is intentionally taking these extreme actions all for political gain. But she is dividing the nation and is engaging in acts that will contribute to the fall of the USA. In the case of Spain, the expulsion of the Jews led them to flee to Amsterdam, and as a result, this set in motion the decline and fall of Spain. The Jews developed insurance, banking, and the first stock exchange all in Holland. Eventually, it was the merger of the Dutch and English in 1689 that transferred that knowledge to Britain, giving birth to the Bank of England in 1694 and the London Stock Exchange all because the Spanish Inquisition led to a mass migration of the jews to Holland and a decline in entrepreneurship.

The excessive lockdown in New York City has sent the most profitable industries of Wall Street to Florida. Miami is becoming the new Wall Street. The Democrats lost Cuomo, and they are fighting like hell not to lose Newsom in California. President Biden sent an urgent message to keep Gov. Gavin Newsom “on the job.” The Communist destroyer of freedom, Senator Elizabeth Warren, otherwise dubbed Pocahontas, who is the most anti-American among the prominent progressives from Massachusetts, has repeatedly been warning that “Trump Republicans” are “coming to grab power in California.” Once again, all we see are words of hatred dividing the country in the same manner that tore Spain apart at the seams.

This is simply how nations fall. United we stand, divided we fall.