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Pelosi Pulls the Vote – Resistance is NOT Futile

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Pelosi 11

The wicked witch of the West and all her flying monkeys could not push this insane $3.5 trillion spending spree that they think will buy votes for the Democrats at the expense of the nation. Pelosi had to pull the vote because there is resistance within her own party. I have been stating that I have seen firsthand resistance among the Democrats to this wild agenda. The conservative Democrats are starting to stand up, proving, at last, the Resistance is Not Futile.

Pelosi was born on March 26, 1940. She is 81, Fauci is 80, and Biden is a bit younger at 78. Even Yahoo News is starting to see what is taking place. Have they suddenly become a right-wing conspiracy chaser for simply looking at what these people are doing to the country? The title today:

“What Happened to ‘Honest Joe’? President Joe Biden’s Promises are Turning into Lies.”

Dollar Manipulation

I have worked with politicians for 40 years. Never in my entire life have I witnessed such a totally irresponsible crop who think taking money in their back pocket to do the bidding of others behind the curtain will lead to a world where they can live the high life. Their dreams are corrupt, as Pelosi’s husband rakes in millions on his Big Tech stocks on inside information. The broader agenda here is not going to prevail. This is really treason, and they are so greedy that they are only looking at the immediate money dangling in front of them. They are probably ignorant of the end game that wants to end the United States and propel the United Nations to rule the world and end democracy, as they have already achieved in Europe.

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