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Pelosi Passes $3 Trillion Bill Dividing Even Democrats Just for Politics

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Pelosi Democrats

Nancy Pelosi, who represents California rather than the nation, is about as unfit to be a leader of any party in Congress. She has pushed through her House Democrat Bill calling for $3 trillion in coronavirus spending bill Friday night, despite pushback from liberals and moderates within their ranks as well from Republicans. She knows this is very bad for the country and is trying to allow anyone, including illegal aliens to vote, to defeat Trump. She knows this will not pass and Trump will not sign it.

Pelosi’s $3 trillion spending proposal is Washington at its worst. Pelosi sees only an opportunity to exploit this crisis to pass their partisan agenda.

While millions of Americans are out of work and Trump is trying to get them back on the job by safely reopening our country which is the ONLY way to approach this because no amount of relief will allow people to live without income indefinitely. Banks cannot suspend payments forever and prolonging the reopening puts at risk the complete collapse of real estate for perhaps the next 12 years. As foreclosures increase, prices fall and banks have already just about doubled requirements to even get a mortgage. With 30% to 50% of the working population without a job, it will be impossible to support the real estate market.

Pelosi has stuffed in her bill outrageous things that have nothing to do with helping the people now!

  •  Mass voting by mail is her real dream where as part of this “Coronavirus relief” she wants to dictate how states run their elections so anyone can vote without having to prove who they are – illegal aliens and tourists – her covert attempt to legalize voter fraud to win in November (Every American Should Be Outraged at this scheme).
  • A BAN on information about low-cost health insurance. The House Democrats want to forbid the government from sharing any information about lower-cost health options such as association plans or short-term plans. Even as families try to cope with job and wage losses, Pelosi doesn’t want them to learn about options that are up to 60% cheaper than Obamacare.
  •  Stimulus checks for illegal aliens who already do not pay taxes to eliminate Social Security numbers, yet she opposes helping self-employed and parttime workers not entitled to unemployment.
  •  Bailouts the Democratic States that refuse to lift lockdowns that are UNCONSTITUTIONAL, Pelosi wants to hand states more than $1 trillion in cash for state and local governments, mostly in the form of unrestricted aid that doesn’t need to be used to offset Coronavirus costs. This is a covert attempt to bailout Democratic states that never funded their Pensions and were collapsing before the virus, raising questions if the Democrats have exploited the virus as the excuse they cannot pay pensions.

Pelosi Tears up Trumps Speech

Nevertheless, she is deliberately pushing the economy over the edge for political gain. The vote passed on a 208-199 vote, with 14 Democrats voting against it. This is what I have been warning about. The Democratic Party may split out these types of actions because she cares nothing about what is good for the country or the people. Moderate Democrats are starting to break ranks with her leadership. Her claims that she prays for Trump at night are far from genuine. If she even prays at all, it is that her insider trading is not discovered and that he drops dead while tweeting.

Already, there are others besides Elon Musk looking to moving companies out of California. Even high-Tech companies cannot survive working from home. You lose synergy that emerges in a creative environment. These brain-dead California politicians are just out of their minds. They are destroying the economy of California and there will be no putting it back again.

Los Angeles Closed


Democratic states are deliberately refusing to open up. LA County in California issued a new “Stay At Home” order and admits there will be no TERMINATION DATE of that order – it is endless. They have refused to allow any retail business to open that is inside a shopping mall. J.C. Penny just filed for bankruptcy on Friday. Just to win an election they are deliberately destroying the economy because they are covertly trying to rebuild it from scratch with Gates’ Zero CO2. The world will just NEVER be the same when they get done with this. They have openly stated, “It is still safer to remain at home, COVID-19 has not changed.”  They have also explained that some of the county’s dates for phases of reopening might not coincide with those in California. Any State that imposes their own stay-at-home orders should NOT be bailed out – it was their decision.

2032 Sixth Wave

I have warned that my greatest fear was NOT Trump – but what comes AFTER Trump. Politics has completely broken down to the point NOBODY will again accept a democratic outcome. This, unfortunately, is our political fate as we head into 2032. We will run our models on the entire election outcome 2020. This is a huge task. Not just if Trump wins or not. We have to look at the whole enchilada because the level of corruption, altered votes, and outright fraud will be at a historical high for this election. I have NEVER seen the model project such an increase in outright fraud as we are showing for November 2020.