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Pelosi Orders Her Police to Arrest People Without Masks

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Pelosi Schumer in Masks

Despite all the evidence and studies, including the first statement of Fauci, masks do not work and have been “useless”  even back in 1918, Pelosi has ordered what has become her private police force nationwide, to arrest anyone without a mask entering the Capitol. Reasoning and science NEVER matter anymore. It is the narrative that matters – in other words – tyranny. This is proving that there really is no point to getting vaccinated. It has not produced immunity except for politicians, Gates, and Big Pharm.


This entire  Covidscam is indeed collapsing in front of the world to see, but the press is still arguing the glass is half-full. These mask mandates and lockdowns are coming back because yet health authorities are not explaining it truthfully. The Covid vaccines do not offer effective protection certainly against the “new variants.”  What is the point of a Covid Passport when the vaccine does not protect and the vaccinated have to wear masks?  Instead, they are blaming the UNVACCINATED for giving the VACCINATED Coivid? They are getting lost in their own fatal logic.

In England, the government has conceded that “Fully vaccinated people are 65% more likely to be hospitalised & 1540% more likely to die due to Covid-19 than people who are unvaccinated according to latest Public Health England data”