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Over Half of Democrats Want Biden to Debate RFK

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The people demand to see a debate between Robert F. Kennedy and Joe Biden. Why should we reappoint someone to the highest political office without hearing their views? Biden is not in any mental state to debate a brick wall. Still, a Trafalgar Group survey shows that 77.5% of all voters want to see Kennedy and Biden faceoff.

Only 29.3% of Democrats believe Biden, who would be 86 by the end of his second term, is too old to run for president in comparison to 92.3% of Republicans. The president must travel the world and maintain an active schedule. He’s already unable to fulfill this responsibility.

As for debating RFK, over half (57.5%) of Democrats want to see Biden discuss policies with Kennedy, while 92.8% of Republicans feel the same way. I have not heard anyone admit that they strongly support the Biden Administration, and even if they did, why wouldn’t they want to hear his thoughts on ruling over the financial capital of the world? Biden’s minions say that his opponents have not earned the right to debate him. But what about the people? We the people demand a debate.

Trump, a former Democrat himself, would like to debate RFK. Kennedy has criticized Trump’s handling of the pandemic and claims he sold out to Big Pharma. Yet, the two men seem to respect one another. “President Trump has shown himself to be the most devastating debater, probably, since Abraham Lincoln,” Kennedy commented in May. Trump said he respects RFK and “he has a lot of important points to be made.” Trump believes, however, that the Democrats would not allow Biden to “debate a child.” Will we see a Trump v Kennedy debate? They are both the anti-establishment candidates. I think most Americans would be eager to see that one. If Biden fails to debate for this campaign, it is further proof that he was INSTALLED and not elected.