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Our Super Rich Friends & Big Tech

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2009 Super Rich ABC 2

BigTech has shown its true colors. They have been censoring conservatives to push the left-wing revolution because they have been promised, as the “SUPER RICH FRIENDS” that they will inherit the banking systems. They will no longer bail out the banks. Last March, the Fed began to lend on commercial paper for the first time since its origin in 1913, and the Federal Reserve is moving rapidly to accept direct deposits from institutions thereby circumventing the banks altogether (see IMF) (so much for the conspiracy theories that the bankers control the Fed).

Twitter Suspend Trump


There is now a mass exodus from Twitter and other social media. Google and Apple have been banning alternative apps trying to prevent people from having an alternative to their BigTek regime. People are abandoning Google for DuckDuckGo. People are bailing out of WhatsApp and moving to Telegram. Some of the bankers are suspending political donations ONLY to those who supported Trump. They too have shown their true colors.

What BigTek and some bankers fail to understand is they are now confirming the conspiracy theories about them and this is just not good for the country. Perhaps 50% of America will be eventually moving away from them all.

Our computer has warned that the mid-elections in 2022 will be serious. This is not going away. None of them did anything when riots were burning down buildings and looting stores. That was free speech. It seems very one-sided.

LHSUSA Y Array 9 25 2020 RHSUSA Y Array 9 25 2020


Who knows? Our computer has forecast that the mid-elections are going to be CHAOTIC and that is just not normal to have Panic Cycles in our political model for 2022. Here we have Panic Cycles both in 2022 and 2024. It does not matter who you voted for. Politicians never do what they promise. If you think everything will just return to normal, I suppose that is what you call the triumph of hope over experience.