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Our Political Nightmare

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As we go into the elections tomorrow, this campaign has revealed the great political divide that once it has been exploited, there is no putting it back. A Democratic win in the House guarantees that this political divide will only get wider and deeper. They cannot actually pass anything without both the White House and the Senate, so what this would do would simply become more outrageous partisanship. That means NOTHING will actually take place that would be good for the nation for the real agenda will be to appear obstructive to win the presidency in 2020.

The Kavanaugh hearings have been a disgrace. Munro-Leighton, one of the false accusers, admitted she wrote the email after seeing the “Jane Doe” letter in news reports. She said she claimed to be Jane Doe so the letter would gain attention, “I was angry and I sent it out,” the woman told investigators. This reflects the problem. People willing to say whatever it takes to just defeat the other side. How has it come down to this?

Kennedy Executive Order 11110 1963 Removing Silver from Coins in 1965 1024x510

1933 FDR exec order goldThe Democrats are warning that the midterm elections undermine the future of our democracy unless President Trump’s “authoritarian” instincts are curtailed. The only means of any authoritarian actions has always been the privilege to issue executive orders by a president. It was Franklin D. Roosevelt who confiscated gold with an executive order back in 1933. It was John F. Kennedy who removed silver from the coins with an executive order. Both were Democrats. Indeed, of the recent presidents, it was Bill Clinton who issued the highest number of non-Democratic authoritarian orders than any president in history.

  • George HW Bush 166
  • Bill Clinton 364
  • George W. Bush 291
  • Barack Obama 276

Then we have the Republicans who argue that the nation’s sovereignty is at risk if Democrats prevail. Both sides are focused on domestic power because the economy is doing well and there are no explosive international issues that are pressing. This has become an election of fear mongering. Either way, this is just part of the shift from Public to Private and in the mix of this is nothing but political corruption. This will be the backdrop of what is to come into 2032. We will simply see this Great Political Divide continue to get worse and it is no longer about what is good for the nation – it is just a barroom fight between two people drunk with power. Even if the Republicans were to keep the House, we will simply see blood in the streets and the great divide will become the equivalent of a nuclear blast.

Federalist Papers 1024x505

We live in a world of false hopes. The United States is by NO MEANS a democracy. The perpetual corruption of the American political system is by design. The United States was founded as a republic, NOT a democracy. As Alexander Hamilton and James Madison made clear in the Federalist Papers, that the very essence of the nation was to be a “republic” for the deliberate purpose of denying the people any direct right to actually rule. I have warned that the structure of the European Union adopted the same idea but went even further where nobody in the European Commission ever stands for any election. Hamilton and Madison did not trust the people. Just read the Federalist Papers #63 written by Madison. He emphasized:

In the most pure democracies of Greece, many of the executive functions were performed, not by the people themselves, but by officers elected by the people, and REPRESENTING the people in their EXECUTIVE capacity.

Prior to the reform of Solon, Athens was governed by nine Archons, annually ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE AT LARGE. The degree of power delegated to them seems to be left in great obscurity. Subsequent to that period, we find an assembly, first of four, and afterwards of six hundred members, annually ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE; and PARTIALLY representing them in their LEGISLATIVE capacity, since they were not only associated with the people in the function of making laws, but had the exclusive right of originating legislative propositions to the people. The senate of Carthage, also, whatever might be its power, or the duration of its appointment, appears to have been ELECTIVE by the suffrages of the people. Similar instances might be traced in most, if not all the popular governments of antiquity.

Lastly, in Sparta we meet with the Ephori, and in Rome with the Tribunes; two bodies, small indeed in numbers, but annually ELECTED BY THE WHOLE BODY OF THE PEOPLE, and considered as the REPRESENTATIVES of the people, almost in their PLENIPOTENTIARY capacity. The Cosmi of Crete were also annually ELECTED BY THE PEOPLE, and have been considered by some authors as an institution analogous to those of Sparta and Rome, with this difference only, that in the election of that representative body the right of suffrage was communicated to a part only of the people.

From these facts, to which many others might be added, it is clear that the principle of representation was neither unknown to the ancients nor wholly overlooked in their political constitutions. The true distinction between these and the American governments, lies IN THE TOTAL EXCLUSION OF THE PEOPLE, IN THEIR COLLECTIVE CAPACITY, from any share in the LATTER, and not in the TOTAL EXCLUSION OF THE REPRESENTATIVES OF THE PEOPLE from the administration of the FORMER. The distinction, however, thus qualified, must be admitted to leave a most advantageous superiority in favor of the United States. But to insure to this advantage its full effect, we must be careful not to separate it from the other advantage, of an extensive territory. For it cannot be believed, that any form of representative government could have succeeded within the narrow limits occupied by the democracies of Greece.

(FEDERALIST No. 63. The Senate Continued For the Independent Journal. Saturday, March 1, 1788) MADISON

Twain Mark If voting made any difference they would not let us do it

Hamilton and Madison deliberately designed the political system that those in power would take popular views of the people and they would be translated into public policy through the election of representatives “whose wisdom may,” in Madison’s words, “best discern the true interest of their country.” That indeed radically curtailed the idea of We the People and deliberately made it that the people could only influence the government at best indirectly. This was no accident. So we have political parties deliberately exploiting hatred to prevent the people from ever figuring out that they are looked down upon and seen as fools from behind the curtain.

Let us hope that this hatred that is brewing does not manifest as it did the final days of the Roman Republic when both sides hated each other as they do today. That is when there emerged the Cataline Conspiracy which was a rumored plot against those who were elected and were to enter office on January 1st, 65BC. Supposedly, Catiline, incensed because he was not allowed to stand for the consulship, conspired with Gnaeus Calpurnius Piso and the former consuls-designate to slaughter many of the Senators and the new Consuls the day they assumed office and appoint themselves.