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One-Third of Democrats Say Americans Have Too Much Freedom

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RealClear Opinion Research conducted a study to see if censorship is a partisan issue in America. What they found was astounding as a portion of the population is begging for government to take over and replace our pretend democracy with something more akin to communism or fascism. Almost one-third (34%) of Democratic voters believe that Americans have “too much freedom.”

That’s right – the land of the free is too free for some. About half (46%) of Republicans believe Americans have too little freedom, with 22% of Democrats agreeing. The aftermath of COVID has changed the landscape for what people find acceptable, and questioning the narrative – be it the science or new societal norms – are not tolerable to some. Independent voters (61%) and Republicans (74%) believe free speech should be protected under any circumstance as outlined in the First Amendment. Yet, the Democrats are divided on 1A as 47% believe there should be some censorship.

Three-fourths of Democrats want hateful speech censored, but we have seen what the government considers “hateful” amounts to anything that goes against the status quo. For example, protesters can burn down cities shouting that white people are slavers who should die and that is perfectly fine for the MSM. But if you question why schools are indoctrinating children with sexual messages and drag shows, you are considered hateful and intolerant. Why should the government and MSM decide what is just and right?

Counter-culture was once the leftist hippies who opposed the Vietnam War. They did not trust the government or authority and were seen as extremists. Today, the extremists are those on the right who oppose war and question the government. If only the Founding Fathers knew how the politicians today would twist the Constitution to fit their rhetoric.