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Obama v Trump in 2020

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obama trump meeting

Joe Biden appears to be the most incompetent person to ever run for government perhaps in American history. Proof of this is that Biden is actually taking a back seat in this race for the White House in 2020. He is being pushed aside by former President Barack Obama who has returned to politics with a vengeance because all our sources continue to worry that Biden will simply crash and burn. Without the virus, he has nothing to stand on. Obama has been inserting himself into the race that no former president has ever done before, confirming that there has been a serious lack of confidence in Biden behind the curtain.

Obama is fighting really dirty coming out and calling Trump a lawless incompetent as if Biden is not? Obama has taken the lead shifting the narrative of the 2020 presidential race between Biden and Trump to Obama versus the Trump.

Civil Work Force 1900 1980

They are very worried behind the curtain. Obama coming out this aggressive is merely a confirmation of the deep concerns running in the Democratic Party as he tries to bring the image of the party back toward a centrist role after the disastrous leadership of Pelosi which saw Democrats abandoning her on this last coronavirus bailout for the pensions of blue states ignoring the people, small business, and taking no responsibility for the greatest wave in bankruptcies in the historic record. The Great Depression killed employment in agriculture. This Gates Depression is killing the service industry which is the single greatest employer!