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Obama Tells French to Vote for Macron Proving He is Establishment Doing What He Accused Putin of Supporting Le Pen and Trump

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Euro Sinking 1024x731Obama Intervenes in French election proving Macron is an establishment and represents no change for France thereby sealing its doom. Of course, Obama is doing exactly what they say he and his mainstream media backers say Putin is doing – trying to influence the French election.

Obama intervened in the British Referendum telling the Brits they would have to get at the back of the queue and would be ignored if they left the EU. Macron will send France and the EU down really hard. He represents no change for France and will commit the country to go down with the EURO Ship.

Turnout is low so far and Le Pen ballots are torn in many places around the country to invalidate them in the count. The ESTABLISHMENT will do what it takes to rig the game as always.