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In a NY Play they Stab Trump 100 Times for Entertainment

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delacorte theater l

Many people have written in about my observation that the left is always violent and where revolution typically emerges. The hatred of the leftist community for anyone who disagrees with them is astonishing to say the least. I have always believed in a simple motto: I leave you alone and you leave me alone and we all can enjoy this existence. Why do people have to suppress others to fulfill their dream and then pretend that they are righteous and good?

The latest example was taking Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar and converting it into a bloody and gory modern version of assassinating Donald Trump. They stab him about 100 times on stage to the cheers of the audience at the Delacorte Theater. If this was staged celebrating the founder of the Democratic Party, Andrew Jackson, showing him as a slave owner beating slaves and stabbing him a 100 times because they fled, would that also be a fun evening in the Park for these same leftists? Or is it only fun when the person being stabbed is someone they personally hate and wish it were true? There is a very dark cloud forming and such audiences who love this sort of thing are the same ones who will cheer at a gladiator game and give the thumbs down just for fun. When did violence become fashionable?

Kathy Griffin

1928 Berlin RevolutionThe fact that they are normalizing such hatred and violence is highly dangerous. This is the source from which civil war erupts. From showing images of beheading Trump to every news story in the New York Times and Washington Post coupled with CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC all joining in this leftist hate fest of hatred is becoming very alarming. Mainstream media is tearing the nation apart and this is the seed of civil war.

Clapper 1I fear for the future of my family living in a world of such leftist hate that can easily bring back tyranny far beyond the days of Stalin. Instead of collecting used underwear  for “smelling jars” from everyone in case you go missing to allow the dogs to hunt you down, today everything is monitored and we have lost all privacy as the NSA stores every phone call and text message thanks to the evil mind of Clapper who turned the NSA into the Stasi.

This type of power in the hands of leftists today will unleash such tyranny the question of where to flee, ironically may be to the very places that have already learned the bitter lesson of what happens when the leftist gain control. It simply looks like we have to go through the same pains as Russia and China before we can rid ourselves of this leftist agenda.