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Noncitizens Encouraged to Vote

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This is yet another reason why voter identification is crucial. We show identification at the airport, DMV, and even at the doctor’s office. There is absolutely no reason that we should not prove our citizenship via identification when we vote on policies that impact the direction of our country. Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s office “accidentally” sent 30,000 registration notices to noncitizens.

It just so happens that they sent out the registration notices in both English and Spanish. Griswold swears it was a mistake and that they will contact those who mistakenly received the notices. However, would they be turned away from the booths on election day?

Colorado, and at least 18 other states, issue driver’s licenses to non-citizens. Colorado also uses the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) records to register voters automatically.

Oddly enough, Griswold is promising to fix the election process. “I will work to increase voter participation and to make elections more accessible and secure. That’s why I plan to expand automatic voter registration to increase voter registration and participation in our democratic process,” she states.

The chaos surrounding the upcoming November mid-terms is just beginning.