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Nobody Will Accept the 2020 Election Result

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Trump Drawing 2

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; Socrates deserves a Nobel Prize for it is the only thing to forecast so many trends correctly. Now the news is that Trump may not accept the election results. I have followed you for years. You are certainly not one of these people who make one forecast and run ads as the guy who forecasts something once so listen to him. I do hope you can bring this public. We really need to preserve the ability of Socrates to make these forecasts to preserve our future.


REPLY: This election is a mess. The Democrats are in an all-out war to get rid of Trump to usher in this global Socialist agenda because everything is collapsing. They have promised states that if they maintain lockdowns to overthrow Trump, they will bail them out since they will lose nearly one year’s worth of tax revenue. Allowing voting without photo ID when you cannot get on a plane without one is the ultimate corruption, right in your face.

Crisis in Democracy 1987

NEITHER side will accept the election result. There is a very STRONG possibility this entire mess ends up in the Supreme Court. These tweaks to the election rules instigated by the Democrats are all designed to further civil unrest, for they know Joe Biden is incompetent and this is all about bailing out socialism and to restrict capitalism exempting only the super-rich who bribe them for special status. So this will put a cloud over the election just to disrupt the country again.

1 ECM 2032 Notes

This Private Wave began 1985.65. Trump was elected in 2016 which came in 31.4 years (Pi) into this wave which was 2017.05 (Jan 19th, 2017). Trump was sworn on January 20, 2017, at 12:00 PM EST. The turning point 2015.75 marked the peak in government confidence and negative interest rates were ushered in which has destroyed the bond markets outside the USA with artificial interest rates.

Russel 2000 Y 7 13 2020

By 2019.65 (August 27) the Repo Crisis began with the peak in the Russel 2000 which is the broad perspective of the stock market 34 years into this wave. Then the reaction rally came precisely in line with the Economic Confidence Model, which turned January 18, 2020 (2020.05). Now there remains a risk that even elections will cease to exist post-2024. Chaos begins in 2022 and Authoritarianism rises 2028.65.

Going Public

As far as going public, I want to do that but I am still looking for someone interested in the project and willing to bring management skills. I do not want to run the operation. To survive long-term, I must be eventually replaced.